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Aug 19, 2019

Back to Work Week: All the Places You Can Work From in Astoria

This is part of our “Back to Work” Series on WHA, where we’ll be sharing the best neighborhood tips, tricks and resources to take your career to the next level (…)

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Photo credit: WeWork

This is part of our “Back to Work” Series on WHA, where we’ll be sharing the best neighborhood tips, tricks and resources to take your career to the next level this fall. Whether you’re a local business owner, a budding entrepreneur or a corporate office worker, we hope this week helps you get back on track and has you feeling inspired to take those next professional steps, whatever they may be!

Welcome to the first post in our “Back to Work” week-long series! Okay, so we know you’re not technically going “back to work” after the summer…you’ve been working this whole time. But there’s something about the fall that invokes a New-Year-type feel, offering a fresh perspective and new sense of purpose. Whether it’s because blazers are finally weather-appropriate again, or you feel more rested and clear post-vacation, there’s something motivating in the air. Plus, there’s a such a fun nostalgia associated with Back to School, why can’t adults have that excitement too?

For our first post, we decided to tackle perhaps the most basic work question: where to do it. If you work in an office this may only apply to you for personal projects over the weekend, but with so many consultants, freelancers and just more flexible jobs that allow you to work from anywhere, finding good work spots in the neighborhood in a necessity. Whether you’re looking for the age-old coffee shop that actually has space, a new co-working spot or something that will be a total change-of-pace, we’ve got you covered!

Cafés/Coffee Shops

  • Kinship: Kinship technically has two locations on Steinway, but the one off Broadway has a lot more space for working. There are a variety of booths and tables/chairs, plus they just expanded their hours and dinner menu so you can hole up there all day and night if you need to! 32-14 Steinway St, Long Island City
  • Madame SouSou: Though on the smaller side, there are still a good amount of tables, free WiFi + ample outdoor seating in the warmer weather at SouSou. Oh, and Quiche and French pastries will surely help you power through your work. Also, there tends to be not as large of a crowd here. 31-05 33rd St, Astoria
  • NYCB & CH: One great thing about all the local New York City Bagel and Coffee House locations is how large they are. There is tons of seating and usually many open outlets. Their newest location (on Broadway and 29th St), seems to be even quieter than most so far. 29-10 Broadway / 33-10 30th Ave / 40-05 Broadway
  • Astoria Coffee: Astoria Coffee is a little on the smaller side, but since it’s tucked away on a side street, it’s not usually full. It has great natural light, powerful AC in the summer, and is also open until 8 p.m. They serve beer and wine in the evening if you want to take your work hour to happy hour, without moving. Just so you know though, they have a 1 hour WiFi limit. 30-04 30th St, Astoria
  • Stellar Brews: During the day Sek’end Sun turns into pop-up coffee shop Stellar Brews, and it is still quite a well-kept secret because there is always plenty of seating. They also have great deals: like $5 for a pastry + cold brew. 32-11 Broadway, Queens


    Photo credit: Spaces

Also feel free to check out our last article on this for more details, though some info has changed.

  • WeWork: 35-37 36th Street, Astoria; from $320/mo for access to open work space
  • Green Desk LIC: 34-18 Northern Blvd, Long Island City; from $199/mo for dedicated desk
  • Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge: 23-10 41st Ave, Long Island City; from $199/mo for access to open space, plus climbing instructions and gear rental
  • Spaces LIC: 31-00 47th Avenue, 3rd Floor; from $252/mo for work space in one of their business clubs

Credit to @UrbanFurnitureNYC Instagram page.


  • Urban Furniture: When this local furniture store was struggling to stay afloat, they decided to revamp and rebrand by combining the shop with a co-working space! They use the furniture they are selling and have added coffee, snacks and high-speed internet—everything you need for a productive day of work! 28-23 Steinway St, Astoria
  • Queens Room: These next two aren’t quite as out-of-the-box as Urban Furniture, but still offer something different than the typical coffee shop. Queens Room functions as a cafe with tons of coffee and tea options, and also serve breakfast and lunch 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. every weekday. At 4.m. they turn into a bar with happy hour and dinner specials. 37-10 31st Ave, Astoria
  • Tea Plus Cafe: Tea Plus Cafe offers ample indoor seating as well as a back outdoor patio, perfect for working during all seasons. They also have quite the range of food/drinks, with liquid nitrogen ice cream, acai bowls, bubble tea, matcha and more. 36-02 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria

Where are your favorite places to work from?



I think the addresses got swapped for Queens Room and Tea Plus Cafe. I got excited there was a Queens Room on the other side of Astoria. :-)


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