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Aug 29, 2019

Welcome to the Neighborhood: 2 Dive 4 on 36th Ave

2 Dive 4 is the new tapas/cocktail bar at 33-10 36th Ave, which, as I’m sure you guessed, has a definite seafaring theme. But don’t expect just fish from the (…)

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Photos courtesy of 2 Dive 4.

2 Dive 4 is the new tapas/cocktail bar at 33-10 36th Ave, which, as I’m sure you guessed, has a definite seafaring theme. But don’t expect just fish from the menu–this new spot is offering creative takes on small plates like sliders and chips and guac, and prides itself on its quality mixologist-grade cocktails.

Owner Julie Christoffersen let us know the inspiration behind the business–including the story behind the name–what will get your mouth watering from the menu, and choosing Astoria/LIC.

1. What is your background in the restaurant industry?

When I first moved to NYC I was a waitress and cocktail waitress for about 7 years (Gansavort, Mercer Hotel, Man Ray). I always enjoyed aspects of the hospitality industry, especially connecting with people, so waitressing was perfect fit at the time. While working in restaurants and bars it sparked my curiosity of exploring all the food and drink that NYC had to offer. Tapas restaurants were my favorite type of restaurants to go to, and mixology-style drinks were just starting to get popular…

Photos courtesy of 2 Dive 4.

2. What was the inspiration/concept behind 2 Dive 4?

Ismael (Ish) [the bar manager] and I have collaborated on this from conception to finish, as he always wanted his own bar. In terms of the name and design of 2 Dive 4, we wanted to highlight and showcase influences of his background as a commercial diver. Ish has been a commercial diver for about eight years. When he came up with the name 2 Dive 4, it really was a play on words referencing the “diver” aspect and also referencing the saying “that’s to die for,” as in: I have to have it, I can’t live with out it, I want it.

Photos courtesy of 2 Dive 4.

The interior makes you feel as if you’re in an industrial ship, with light fixtures that came from actual shipyards in India, and beautiful custom steel finishes off the bar and windows. Inspiration also includes the world of art. We both love to collect different type of art, from comic book art, street art, graffiti, photography…so you will see art referencing aspects of diving – my favorite touch is the bathroom wallpaper which you definitely have to check out and hashtag #2dive4lic.

Photos courtesy of 2 Dive 4.

3. What can people expect from the concept/menu?

Food menu: People can expect really good tapas presented with a modern gastropub appeal. Inspiration comes from flavors from around the world: Spain, parts of Asia, Puerto Rico, the Americas. The “small bites” menu really gives the customer the freedom to try many different items, family-style eating encouraged. With vegan-friendly dishes, seafood, cheese and meats, there’s something for everyone.

Photos courtesy of 2 Dive 4.

Drink menu: Very unique, selective quality spirits used in our special cocktail menu, such as basil-infused organic vodka, Aquavit, mizu lemongrass shochu, and Rockey’s milk punch. There is a wide array of different flavor palettes in my seven cocktails.

4. Why did you choose Astoria/LIC and what do you want it to bring to the neighborhood?

Both Ish and I are longtime residents of Long Island City – we have seen this area grow tremendously. The idea of opening 2 Dive 4 in our neighborhood was exactly what we wanted. People don’t always want to go into the city to hang out, eat, drink and find entertainment. At 2 Dive 4 we will bring you that and much more, closer to home.

Photos courtesy of 2 Dive 4.

5. What are your top recommendations from the menu?

Chef Felix Castro’s favorite bites off the menu are the Kobe beef sliders, which are served with house-made garlic balsamic pickles and his very own unique squid ink brioche. The fish tacos and the fruity guacamole are all home runs in his book, all made from scratch. The guac comes with an original blend of house-made tarra, sweet potato, plantain and taro chips.

Photos courtesy of 2 Dive 4.

The most popular items on the menu are our Alas Al Ajillo (crispy wings) tossed in lemongrass garlic sauce, coconut crusted Coquito calamari, gambas al ajillo (shrimp) in garlic chili sauce, and Kobe sliders on a black brioche bun.


2 Dive 4 is open Sunday through Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., and Thursday to Saturday from 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. Daily happy hour is from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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Mary Macherini

The food is FABULOUS. I only wish the decibel level were less extreme. Shouting is not my scene when I hang with friends


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