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Jul 25, 2019

How to Pack the Best Summer Picnic–No Matter Which Astoria Park You’re Near

SUMMER IS FOR PICNICKING (at least when its not upwards of 95 degrees!). As we hinted in Tuesday’s post, we’ve put together the best places to pick up picnic goods (…)

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SUMMER IS FOR PICNICKING (at least when its not upwards of 95 degrees!). As we hinted in Tuesday’s post, we’ve put together the best places to pick up picnic goods at, no matter which Astoria park you’re near.

So get your blankets and baskets out, grab a friend (or a book) and head to the park closest to you for some summer R&R!

Socrates Sculpture Park

32-01 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City

Socrates Sculpture Park is small but sweet, with some views of the water but mostly views of beautiful outdoor artwork. Depending on which direction you’re coming from, pick up a sandwich and possibly a smoothie at the new, unassuming Spring Food Spot at 14-21 Broadway a few blocks away.

They have a wide-ranging menu of sandwich options (or you can make your own), and always have a daily special for $4.95 (the above was: salsalito turkey, white american cheese, lettuce, tomato, honey mustard). They also have great smoothie and juice choices from the Caribbean (pineapple, mango, coconut milk) to the Pure Passion (strawberry, banana, granola, spinach).

You can also stop by Chateau le Woof, the Pet Market & Café which is right across the street from the park (31-01 Vernon Blvd). The café has loads of coffee and tea options, and also has a selection of flatbread sandwiches and mini-quiches that would be perfect for a picnic with friends. I’d also grab a sweet treat–either a Single Girls Cookie (if they are in stock) or one of their brownie options (pictured below).

The Vegan Cheesecake Brownie from Chateau Le Woof.

The selection of ready-made lunch items at Chateau le Woof.

Rainey Park

Vernon Blvd. bet. 33 Rd. and 34 Ave., Queens

Socrates Sculpture’s neighbor (on the other side of Costco) Rainey Park is close, but has a lot more thick, green grass to lounge on–and a updated promenade walk right along the waterfront with gorgeous views.

I’d recommend stopping by Hildalgo Mexican Food at Vernon Blvd and 35th Ave. Get three tacos to-go for $8 (I did pollo, carne asada and carnitas) or try a torta (Mexican “sandwich”) or burrito and Jarritos soda. The flavors are unbeatable and the staff is friendly. Since this is so close to Socrates, you can easily bring over bites from Chateau le Woof here too, and enjoy an unobstructed view of the water.

Astoria Park

19 19th St, Queens

Credit to Ditmars Vintage.

Ditmars Vintage, the wine bar location right near the park, just started a picnic pack service: they will have everything ready for you after you’ve made your menu choices, all you have to do is pick it up! Love the charcuterie option.

Here are your options: BLT wrap (thick-cut applewood smoked bacon, roasted herbes de provence tomatoes, arugula, scallion aioli); chicken Caesar wrap or salad (baby kale, house-made Caesar dressing, garlic croutons, pecorino romano cheese); cutting board of three assorted cheeses and two dried meats, all from Alps Provisions in Astoria; Everything Bagel-seasoned pretzels with spicy beer cheese; spreads: spicy feta, Moroccan-style smokey roasted eggplant, hummus with pico de gallo.

Credit to Ditmars Vintage.

You can also try ordering some dips or salads to-go from Agnanti Meze!

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