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Jul 03, 2019

Get SOCIAL this Summer: How to Join Neighborhood Sports Leagues

Astoria Social began four years ago and has been growing swiftly ever since. Their softball league started with 10 teams, and this past season they had 24—and for the darts league, (…)

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Credit to Astoria Social.

Astoria Social began four years ago and has been growing swiftly ever since. Their softball league started with 10 teams, and this past season they had 24—and for the darts league, they’ve increased from six to 27 teams since their inaugural season. They have a variety of Fall, Spring and Summer sports during each calendar year, so if you want to meet more people and do something athletic (I guess it’s arguable how athletic darts is, but still)—now is the perfect time!

Softball and kickball are the names of the games for the Summer season, and darts and cornhole will resume in the Fall. Read on to find out how it works and how to get involved!

First, a little about what applies to all sports:

  • League Organizer Warren Sheinwald holds signups at local bars prior to the start of each sport season
  • The league has a lot of returning teams each season, and if a team chooses to come back, they have a guaranteed spot.
  • Each team has a captain, as decided on by the team. That individual is the direct point of contact in terms of league information, including schedule, rules and rain information/cancellations.
  • They do have spots for groups of friends or solo free agents that want to play. The league is co-ed, and all rosters are generally 15 players or more. If someone signs up on their own, they get placed on a team.
  • For any people interested in playing, they can check out Astoria Social right on the field (the schedule is posted on the website) and/or send an email or speak to Warren directly anytime (, who says that the league has players of all skill levels and is a great way to meet people in the community.

Credit to Astoria Social.

Kickball 2019

For the upcoming summer Kickball season, signups will be held on Tuesday, July 9 and Thursday, July 11 at 3308 Eats & Drinks from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m. (Tuesday is also Astoria Social Trivia Night). Games are held on Thursday nights at Dutch Kills Playground. Games are generally one hour, and then almost the entire league heads to a post-game location to relax, which is also 3308 this season.

Credit to Astoria Social.

Softball 2019

Softball will start Saturday, July 13. The games are at Queensbridge Park and Whitey Ford field, on Saturdays and Sundays. The signups already occurred, but if all available space isn’t taken, the information will be added to the Astoria Social website: (or, as stated earlier, contact Warren!). Softball signups for the Fall season will be in mid-August.

Darts/Cornhole 2019

Darts will start the week after Labor Day, and occurs on Mondays nights. They currently have teams at the Wolfhound, the Irish Rover, Sissy McGinty’s, Doyle’s Corner, the Local Bar, Blackbird’s, the Quays, Astoria Tavern, Cronin and Phelan’s, and Passage. Cornhole will start up again in late October. Last season, they had games at Katch and the Biergarten.

And it’s not just fun, they are give back! The league has done fundraisers for various charities, including the American Heart Association, City Harvest and Avon39.
For more info on leagues and signups, check out Instagram @astoria_social and Facebook: Astoria Social Softball/Kickball/Darts/Cornhole/Trivia. It sounds like a great way to stay active, meet new people this summer and enjoy great weather.

Credit to Astoria Social.

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