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Apr 17, 2019

The Scoop on Kinship Coffee Coming to Broadway

Many readers and followers have noticed signs of a new Kinship Coffee on Broadway and 31st St (right near the subway), and we finally have the details from owners Stanley Rivera (…)

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A peek through the front window at the new Kinship Coffee location on Broadway.

Many readers and followers have noticed signs of a new Kinship Coffee on Broadway and 31st St (right near the subway), and we finally have the details from owners Stanley Rivera and Ashley Wood-Rivera to share with you!

Read on for what you need to know about the next location of some of our favorite coffee brewers:


30-10 Broadway, Astoria


There will be a soft opening tomorrow, April 18, and they hope to be fully open by this weekend!


The couple used to live down on this side of town and know it’s been in need of a quality coffee shop. While the other shops are still in the neighborhood–on Steinway St–it’s still a bit of a walk or may not be on commuter routes, so they decided to expand closer to the N and W Train. “We have loved serving the Astoria community,” Ashley said. “These folks are super great; so that’s why we’ve decided to stay here!”


A very tasty latte at Kinship Coffee Cooperative.

Anything New?

One of the biggest differences at the Broadway cafe is a new and exciting piece of equipment called a Poursteady. Right now, Kinship offers manual pour overs at the first and smaller cafe (at 30-5 Steinway St) but because of the pace of the second, larger shop (at 32-14 Steinway St), they weren’t able to offer them there. The Poursteady will help combat that issue because it’s essentially a robotic pour over device that they control for each coffee they use. They will be one of the only (if not the only) user in New York. If you’re a coffee geek, read more on pour overs and the Poursteady directly from Ashley below:

In general, pour overs are brewed cup by cup and achieve optimum clarity and flavor profiles, much better than large batch brewing, so this is ideal for the best cup–which is what we want to serve you! This is usually a slow process and can only be done one at a time and requires a lot of practice and potential for human error. It’s also prohibitive in a fast shop.

The Poursteady allows us to do multiple pour overs at once – without the manual process – so we can continue to engage with people and move through a line full of time-sensitive commuters. It takes no more time than you would wait for a latte. We hope this brings a “slow cup” even to fast-paced New Yorkers on the daily.
In addition to the Poursteady, there’s a pretty sleek new espresso machine, the Slayer, that they’re looking forward to using as well.

“Most of all,” they said. “We’re just excited to brew you some great coffee.” Us too!



Cute cafe but wish they were more vegan friendly!
Missing QWNS Cafe <3


We moved down to this part of Astoria in September and are SO thrilled to see Kinship on our walk to and from the train. Yay!

Kristen Stanley

So super excited for you in this next step. Congratulations on killing it with your passion and serving from the heart ♥️.
Kristen and Aliah

Becky Reinig

Wow. Congrats to the Riveras. Wish I was there to celebrate. With love from Aunt Becky.


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