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May 18, 2018

Tropical Vibes + New Menu=A Good Time at The Highwater

The We Heart team have had a wide variety of tasting experiences. We’ve been presented with so MUCH food we didn’t know what to do, we’ve helped refine new menus, (…)

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The We Heart team have had a wide variety of tasting experiences. We’ve been presented with so MUCH food we didn’t know what to do, we’ve helped refine new menus, we’ve even enjoyed a spectacular Drag Show. When we rolled into The Highwater on a beautiful Tuesday, we couldn’t predict that we would witness a crazy change in weather that kept us hanging out for about 3 hours post tasting. I assure you that’s not something we normally do, the thing about The Highwater is that it’s designed for just that; a totally relaxed environment, with a fantastic shareable menu, and tropical vibes that make time irrelevant. We were presented with a plethora of new menu items (12 to be exact) here are our five favorites.

Gotta start here, the cocktails. These are not your all-inclusive resort tropical beverages, these are nuanced, interesting, and FUN.  Pictured in the front is the Desert Rose made with Habenero Tequila, pamplemousse rose, agave, pea flower infusion, and lime juice. This was a crowd favorite. A nice light kick from the Habenero makes this a sippable spicy drink, but it’s balanced nicely with the sweet ingredient flavors. I literally had 3 of these when the rain poured down, and I enjoyed every drop. To the left you have The Wakanda (great name right?) and to the right, the Devil May Care (a favorite of Marielle’s).

The new menu at The Highwater reflects a desire for shareable dishes that are light, full of flavor, and could easily be enjoyed after swimming all day in the Ocean. Case in point, these Poké Bites. Guys, these were hands down my favorite item of the night, not only is the presentation bright and beautiful, it was like eating sushi that’s good for you! The tall cucumbers are crunchy and crisp and contain the soft and fresh pieces of Poké. The different textures were so nice. I would order this again, and again, and again.

This next shareable nibble was also a table favorite. Soft cushy bun, sticky sweet pork belly, with bright pieces of arugula, and crunchy nuts, you can never go wrong with Steamed Pork Buns. If you are out on a date order one of these, and tell your date to order one. That’s what I did when my husband crashed our hangout and we ordered more of these for the table.

This main dish is only available on Mondays, so don’t go in on Friday and try to order it, it’s a special treat. But what better way to reward yourself for getting through the day then with this Kimchi Fried rice. Also the Pineapple presentation was so lovely!  This also will really hit the spot Tuesday morning when you need breakfast. Get it. On Mondays.

Please tell me what you would do if this was brought out to your table. Would you laugh? Would you cry? Would you unbutton the top of your jeans and dive in? I’ll let you guess what I did (hint* I hate tight pants). Just like the above Fried Rice is a special treat on Mondays, if you want to be a Taco Cat, you gotta get to The Highwater on Tuesdays (cause it’s Taco Tuesdays, duh). Guys I can’t even begin to go into each one of these tiny little beasts of deliciousness. I can tell you that I preferred the Shrimp (bottom right) and Marielle was into the steak (upper left). Also Veggie friends there are plenty of Vegetarian friendly options hanging out on this tray.

If you haven’t made into The Highwater and you love a place with great cocktails, tasty nibbles, and a great atmosphere, go check out this new menu. You’ll be in a for a good time (get those Poké Bites!).

Also shout out to Marielle Solan our photographer extraordinaire.

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