May 03, 2018

Small Business Owner Spotlight: Matt Dutile Creative

One of my favorite parts about writing for WHA is learning about inspiring business owners in our neighborhood. Today’s Small Business Owner Spotlight is on photographer Matt Dutile. Matt’s work (…)

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One of my favorite parts about writing for WHA is learning about inspiring business owners in our neighborhood. Today’s Small Business Owner Spotlight is on photographer Matt Dutile. Matt’s work is featured in Volume VI of The Paper, make sure you pick up a copy and view his incredible work!

Name of Business:

Matt Dutile Creative

Owned by:

Matt Dutile

Year Created:


What are you known for?

Travel, lifestyle, food, and portrait photography

Vol. VI Artistic Expressions Feature

Do you also live in Queens? If so, where? How did you end up here?

I live right here in Astoria around 30th Ave and Steinway locale. I really love the area. I was living in UWS and looking around after my lease ran up, when a friend who already lived in Astoria recommended I come visit the neighborhood. Between the food, culture, paced down feel, and affordability of the spaces I fell for it right away. Then when you start becoming a regular at your favorite coffee shop or restaurant, that’s the magic right there. I love being involved with the community.

What made you decide to start a business in Astoria?

My work is mostly location based, so the natural studio base for me is right at home. I’ve toyed around with opening another location, but the overhead makes far more sense for me to work from home.


What’s your favorite place to grab food when you’re working?

I’m definitely a regular at Create on 30th Ave. There’s not too many days that go by without me dropping in to grab an LIC wrap for lunch. I’ll switch it up with a panini from Il Bambino here and there when I feel like an extra splurge for a craving.

What’s a hidden Astoria secret you feel like people don’t know about that you absolutely love?

I’m actually terribly uncool. If there are secret places that people in the know frequent, I’m probably the last to find out. Please share the good spots with me!

What’s your favorite place to grab a drink?

My fiance and I love sitting down for a cheese spread and a flight at Astoria Bier & Cheese on Broadway. We’ll head in on a Saturday afternoon and usually tap all the IPA selections – perhaps mix a porter or two in there. Pretty much anything from Finback is our favorite. I don’t know what magical juice they put in their brews, but it’s some voodoo deliciousness.

Photo Courtesy of Tammy T. Via Yelp

If you have friends or family visiting Astoria, where do you take them?

My parents love Enthaice when they come to visit. They always ask to go there at least once if they’re staying more than a day. I like to brunch at New York City Bagel House on Broadway too, especially for a bacon egg cheese. It has to be my entire caloric limit for the day, but so, so worth it.

How have you seen Astoria change since you’ve been here?

The neighborhood is really in a transition state. Beyond the regular closing and opening of restaurants every year or two, a lot more five story apartment buildings are going in where cute homes used to be. So some of the charm is vanishing, but then you get cool new spots that open with a younger crowd moving in. Is that good or bad? Hard to say, but change is inevitable and I like fresh energy equally as I enjoy historic neighborhood charm.

A portrait from Matt’s Astorians Project

What’s your favorite part of owning a business in Queens?

For a travel photographer, what better home could there be than Queens? The diversity of the borough is a literal photographer’s playground for the amazing faces and culture here. Anywhere I travel in the world I know I can find a slice of it back at home. It’s the people and the energy and the diversity they bring that makes Queens the best borough in New York hands down.

Matt Dutile Creative|Instagram

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