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May 28, 2018

Brunch Preview at QWNS Cafe

When QWNS Cafe arrived into our Instagram feed, we were loving all the gorgeous baked goods and couldn’t wait to learn more about this neighborhood newcomer. We finally had our (…)

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When QWNS Cafe arrived into our Instagram feed, we were loving all the gorgeous baked goods and couldn’t wait to learn more about this neighborhood newcomer. We finally had our chance when we stopped in for an exclusive preview of their upcoming brunch menu, plus a couple of classic QWNS Cafe favorites. The brunch menu will be going live any day now, so make sure you stay connected with @qwnscafe to know when it’s time to run over there to give these dishes a try. We did have a plethora of dishes served up to us, these just happen to be our faves.

If I see Avocado Toast on a menu, I’m going to get the Avocado Toast. This one hit all my happy spots; crunchy toast, smooth Avocado, bright pickled onions, fresh bean sprouts, and that magical egg just waiting to be split, so the runny goodness can be spread on top. Avo Toasts are the stars of the regular menu, and this will also find a spot on the new brunch menu. If you are like me, then you should get this.

Our fantastic photographer Marielle, could NOT STOP talking about this French Toast. Thick brioche slices, perfectly griddled, topped with a sweet crème fraiche sauce, finished with black berries, orange slices, and sliced blueberries (yep those little exotic looking fruits are in fact SLICED BLUEBERRIES). No maple syrup needed for this dish. If you like a sweet treat in the morning, then this will hit the spot. 

Love the colors of this dish! Bright orange sweet potatoes in a hash of onions and peppers, served alongside a bright green avocado sauce, and I know you see that over-medium egg, sitting right on top, like he is sitting on top of the world. Also shout-out to the perfect char on those little cubes of sweet potato.

Raise your hand if you go to brunch to heal those nights full of fun, friends, and lots of alcohol. This dish will help you get back on your feet, it’s the Last Stop, and it’s designed for the morning after. A thick hoagie style seeded bread roll, stuffed with Avocado, melted cheese, sausage, and egg. It’ll put you right…and might also cause full day napping.

What would you say to me if I said Vegan Croissant? Would you scoff, would you say not a chance. Well my dear Vegans this Croissant is for you! This is always on the menu, but it’s such an impressive feat, I wanted to give it a little shout-out here. I can’t even begin to tell you how fluffy and buttery it is…and it’s VEGAN! Whaaattt?? Yep true story. Vegans rejoice!

This next dish was my favorite and it’s a little different. It’s basically Biscuits and Gravy; but swap those heavy Buttermilk biscuits for a crumbly Oregano Buckwheat one, swap the pork sausage with turkey, and instead of a normal meat gravy make it Feta cheese based. While you are making changes and swaps, add some sliced stewed-esque tomatoes on top. Also the Buckwheat biscuit is super crumbly, which was a surprise and really worked with the creamy feta gravy. It’s a very unique dish but I really enjoyed it.

Thanks to the QWNS Cafe team for letting us get a sneak peek of their new Brunch menu. We were so fulled of baked goods, it was great! Also give it up for Marielle Solan our photographer extraordinaire. This girl can take a picture! We love her!

QWNS Cafe (22-35 31st Street, Astoria) | Instagram | Facebook

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