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Apr 03, 2018

Target Is Coming To Astoria

Target is coming to Ditmars.

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Looks like Target is coming to the Ditmars area, on 31st Street between 23rd Avenue and Ditmars Blvd. CNBC reported the news:

“Target has chosen three New York neighborhoods in its plan to attract younger shoppers and expand in key urban areas. The plans announced Tuesday for three new small-format locations are on the Upper East Side and Staten Island and in Astoria, Queens. The Astoria location, near Ditmars Boulevard and 23rd Avenue, will open by 2022.”

The article also specifies that “the Astoria location will have more home decor,” as well as technology, a grocery element, toys, and sporting goods. There will also be a CVS pharmacy in the new store and order pickup. The new Target will be 47,000-square feet space in size, and it’s predicted that 50-100 new jobs will come out of this new Target location.

There was a rumor over a year ago that The Rock was going to move out of its space and into the new building on the footprint of the old CVS on the west side of 31st Street, and that Target would move into The Rock’s old space. Time will tell, but we’ll look into it.

We also wonder how this will affect smaller boutiques in the area. Would you shop at Target over local businesses? Leave us a comment.

Target reveals locations of three new small-format stores in New York [CNBC]

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Alyssa Jones

I’m very happy about a target and Marshall’s coming to our area but I don’t think they considered the fact that there is no parking in that area. There is a municipal parking lot that is always packed already. This is going to cause major traffic in the area because everyone will be double-parked just to get into these stores. Very bad idea to put two major stores in this area.


I definitely appreciate the mom and pop stores, but I’m also excited about the new Target. The 31st St Key Food is really expensive, and going to the College Point Target for things like paper towel, toilet paper, and groceries is annoying. It’ll be nice to be able to walk down the block and not spend a ton of money on essentials.


I’ve never seen anything special at Target that I couldn’t get elsewhere. I’m glad for the new jobs that will be created if this comes to fruition, but Target has never impressed me for anything.


I will def still shop local, but it’s great to have Target for stuff you just can’t find on your block. And love the cheap home decor. We can have both I hope.


2022? What? It’s already 25-50% finished at this point. You mean to tell us that Target’s going to sit on this location for 4 years?

Susan V

Oh God, I hope not. This neighborhood has already lost so much of its local character (from small ethnic mom and pop stores) to larger retailers (Spectrum, please!) and trendy businesses. The last thing we need is a Target in that block.


I don’t live in Astoria anymore, but I would only shop at Target for the things I couldn’t find in local businesses.


Local businesses? There’s only 2 real places to shop on Ditmars. The cheap home supply store and the gift shop by the salon. I’m just glad it wont be a giant threading place- everything has been turning into a threading salon, it’s been so disappointing. I thought you reported this place was going to be TJMaxx. It’s definitely not going to be a new gym, the escalators were installed- it’s clearly a retail space. Hopefully they move The Rock though, it’s weird to hear all the weights being dropped above you when shopping for groceries.


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