Apr 23, 2018

CityMD Opens New Location on Ditmars

CityMD, a network of over 85 urgent care centers in the New York Metro Area and Seattle Washington, has opened a new location in the Ditmars neighborhood of Astoria, Queens. (…)

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CityMD, a network of over 85 urgent care centers in the New York Metro Area and Seattle Washington, has opened a new location in the Ditmars neighborhood of Astoria, Queens. Conveniently located just outside the Ditmars Boulevard Station on the N & W subway lines, this is the 8th opening in Queens. This state-of-the-art center meets the growing need for convenient, cost-effective, high quality medical care for local residents. Each location is staffed primarily by board-certified emergency medicine doctors. Together with key clinical support staff, such as X-ray technicians and medical assistants, they have the ability to handle a wide spectrum of common urgent care needs for the Ditmars community.

Young families visit CityMD for many reasons. In the spring and summer, they often visit for their allergies, sore throats, insect bites, rashes, and school or sports physicals. In the colder months, families tend to come with upper respiratory infections, colds and flu (including flu shots) and asthma. Parents may not know that CityMD’s many medical services include stitches, X-rays and orthopedic casting, and common pediatric mini-emergencies, such as croup, minor head injuries, vomiting and diarrhea, asthma and high fevers. CtyMD diagnoses and treats pink eye and nosebleeds, and even removes foreign bodies from the nose and ears. Rapid on-site lab testing for flu, strep throat, mono, UTIs and more are also available.

Because CityMD is open in the evenings and on weekends and holidays, they offer convenient access to working parents who don’t always have the time to schedule appointments and take their children (or themselves) to see a doctor during busy weekdays. The average wait time for CityMD patients is about 8 minutes, and many patients expedite their registrations by using convenient self check-in kiosks.

Parents can enjoy free charging stations and WiFi in CityMD’s warm, modern and comfortable lobbies as well as TVs in all rooms. After their visits, they can make a bill payment, view their statements, update their information and even submit questions, all through a secure online portal. From coloring books and crayons while they wait, to stickers and lollipops when they leave, kids have a good experience at CityMD too. The staff always enjoy making children smile by giving them small gifts, such as fun, squeezable baseballs and footballs and cute, huggable teddy bears. All patients are treated like family, and many of CityMD’s physicians are working moms and dads so they understand the needs of parents and that children are special patients.

The urgent care centers accept most insurance and also offer unique, centralized Aftercare services to patients, which helps ensure that they receive continuity of care. Expert staff provide patients with vital follow-up, including relaying test results and sharing them with their primary care physicians or other doctors, answering care questions, and when needed, obtaining authorizations, handling referrals for specialists and additional testing, as well as scheduling the appointments.

“CityMD is thrilled to be a part of the Ditmars community. We look forward to providing our new neighbors with high quality medical care and an exceptional experience, during the day, in the evenings, or on the weekends,” said Dr. Frank Illuzzi, CityMD’s Chief Medical Officer.”

CityMD |22-48 31st Street, Astoria| 718-571-9192
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday|8am-8pm
Hours of Operation: Saturday-Sunday|8am-5pm                                  





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