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Feb 28, 2018

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Everyone knows that a coffee shop is the best place to take someone on a first date if you’re looking to get to know them a bit more. It’s quiet, (…)

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Everyone knows that a coffee shop is the best place to take someone on a first date if you’re looking to get to know them a bit more. It’s quiet, public, and perfect whether you drink coffee, or you prefer tea. In Astoria, Queens, there’s an abundance of coffee shops to allure you into their window side chairs, or comfortable booths. If you don’t have someone to go with you can try finding a partner right at the coffee shop, or be more prepared and use flirty dating sites to find a match and who knows, maybe your match will love not only the same coffee as you do but much more.

First of all, there’s Astoria Coffee, a local café with notably fast service. What that means is that there’s no awkward, undetermined amount of time between two people on a date ordering coffee and waiting for it to be served to the table. As long as you can bear a few minutes in this quaint, homely little café, you’ll be absolutely fine. Its regular users are fond of the ambience of the café, with its small spaces, and enjoyable atmosphere, both you and your date are sure to start off a conversation that will keep going for a couple of hours.

Kinship Coffee Cooperative is a charming café that offers a various range of hot drinks and baked goods. Alongside the usual coffee-based drinks, they also offer matcha, which is perfect for the slightly more adventurous date. Occasionally, Kinship Coffee Cooperative will have live music, or floating art shows. Fitting for a quirkier date.

OK Café serve organic coffee brews in diverse flavors, patrons are quick to praise OK Café’s staff members, who offer an excellent service, while keeping their café stocked with local baked goods. If you’re looking for a date that’s a little more daring in coffee tastes, this is the place to go. Need something stronger than coffee…don’t forget they’ve got wine!

cappuccino-60-beans-astoria-queensThe Queen’s Room is a more rustic café. The lighting is softer, the walls are darker, it’s a quiet place to sit and drink a coffee with someone while having a relaxed conversation. The café is spacious, allowing for room to shuffle past other coffee drinkers, and the staff are friendly.

Photo by Hailey K. on Yelp

For a European twist on your usual coffees, The Coffee Pot is the place for you. The only downside to this particular café is that it doesn’t really have indoor seating, so it’s more of a summer café, where you can sit outside, and enjoy the warm weather with a different kind of coffee that tastes nothing like you’re used to.

Photo by Google user Betto Mares

If you’re looking for a place that’s more than a corner coffee shop, look no further. The Madame Sousou Café is an excellent café for coffees, speciality teas, and a wealth of cakes and pastries to choose from. Their drinks can be made from an assortment of alternative milks, as well as regular milk, making them an excellent choice if you’re unsure of your date’s dietary requirements.

If espresso is your drink of choice, you may consider Café Via Espresso as the location of a stress-free first date. Café Via Espresso are a bubbly venue who provide espresso drinks alongside their familiar breakfast and lunch dishes. The atmosphere is terribly laid-back, which is a great setting for two coffee lovers to get to know each other.

If adventure is more your thing, or you or your date enjoy Greek culture, Café Boulis could be the perfect place. With their delicious coffees, you can order savoury pies, and the café’s speciality – loukoumades, which are fried dough balls popular in both Turkey and Greece. The prices are very reasonable, so if you stay long enough, you may want to try a few things on their menu.

Gossip Coffee is a retro-style café with more than enough cute little features to keep you coming back, even without your date! There’s both indoor and outdoor seating available, which means there’s no excuse not to try the café year-round. They offer regular brewed coffee, and sweet speciality drinks at competitive prices. Their house donuts are loved by all of their guests, and with iced tea on tap, there’s something homey and enchanting about this little café.

It is definitely a must to visit these places if you are a coffee-loving person and don’t forget to take someone with you to have a pleasant chat over a cup of aromatic coffee.

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