Dec 08, 2017

Get to Know Always Astoria

Always Astoria a small studio on Ditmars Blvd, offers yoga, pilates, opportunities for socializing and much more.

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We recently became aware of Always Astoria on Instagram, and it piqued our curiosity. Earlier this week we reached out to them and here is what we’ve learned.


Photo credit: Always Astoria

The woman behind Always Astoria, Tonimarie, tells us the origin of the name of her business, which was born in nostalgia and soap.

“The origin of the name came in a clever and simple way,” explains Toni. “But I must back up before I can go forward with this answer. I’ve been making organic soap, candles, linen/yoga mat mists and other essentials for over ten years, and have showcased and participated in many of the local flea and pop-up markets and have received great reception.”

She continues, “In my ‘recipe’ frenzy, I wanted to create a soap just for this town—something that reminded me of strolling around the avenues and/or some of the smells I remember as a little girl. Was it creamsicles from Mr. Softee, the grass in Astoria Park, or the numerous bakeries with warm pies and donuts in the window? Well, it was a combination of all of it—all that was good. So, I created an olive-oil-based soap with pomegranate seed essential oil, grapefruit essential oil and organic oatmeal as the exfoliant, put it in a mason jar and named it Always Astoria.”

“As I sat around with my TO DO pad—and started to jot down and scream out at the same time all of the names I thought would work or be great—”ALWAYS ASTORIA” was born! Enough said, and here it is!”


Photo credit: Always Astoria

As for the mission behind Always Astoria, it’s based in inspiration and persistence—never giving up, and staying motivated. She wants to help people share and achieve their dreams, and looks forward to facilitating that for her fellow Astorians. Fun fact: aside from her work as the founder of Always Astoria, she works with The Pomeroy, tending their accounting needs. She also has a small business cleaning apartments and homes organically. (She jokes, “You can say that I am
ALWAYS on the move!”)

But back to Always Astoria. They offer a variety of services, including yoga, Pilates and dance classes; music lessons; workshops; and gallery events. It’s also a space for small businesses to come and socialize, have meetings or small parties. “I would like to also rent my office to those looking or needing amore ‘zenful’ place to work,” she remarks.

It’s also a place for artists to come and showcase their work, teachers to share their passion and build a clientele, and support other local businesses.

Toni emphasizes that one of the things that makes Always Astoria different is its diversity of offerings and opportunities that allow you the freedom to be who you are. She’d like to make everyone feel good about themselves in all that she can offer, while maintaining a level of professionalism.

Always Astoria been open since October 2017, and Toni looks forward to offering promotions to encourage the community to come up and partake in all that they offer. By the way, they are hosting a “Dream Market” for the holidays on Saturday and Sunday, December 16 and 17 from 11am-5pm. Perhaps you can check out the space and get a little shopping done.

Thanks for letting us know about your inspirational, wholistic business, Toni! We wish you all the best as you grow your business.

Always Astoria, 40-11 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria. 718-685-2542

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