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Nov 02, 2017

“Celebrating the Hell Gate” Exhibit Coming Soon to T Studio

Check out photos galore of the Hell Gate Bridge at the “Celebrating the Hell Gate” exhibit at T Studio in Astoria.

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Hell Gate Bridge lovers, this one’s for you!


One of my favorite photos I’ve taken of the Hell Gate Bridge.

As you may know, 2017 is the 100th anniversary of the Hell Gate Bridge, the majestic structure on the north side of Astoria Park (I love the factoid that if humans were to disappear and nature takes over, the Hell Gate Bridge would be the last to fall because it’s so solid). There have been events throughout the year, organized by the Hell Gate 100 Committee, and one of them is the Hell Gate 100th Birthday Photo Contest, the results of which will be on display at T Studio on Wednesday, November 8, Thursday, November 9, and Saturday November 11, all under the “Celebrating the Hell Gate” moniker.

The contest grouped photos into a variety of categories—seasonal, artistic, celebrations, sunrise, sunset, day, night, celebrations and artistic—and there will be multiple winners in each category, though no winners will receive actual prizes. On this detail, quotes Antonio Meloni, Director of the Hell Gate 100 Committee, saying “The only prize is knowing that you’re as good as you think you are and other people agree.” Take that as you will.

You can see the “Celebrating the Hell Gate” photos by contest participants and winners on multiple days: Wednesday and Thursday November 8-9 from 6-8:30pm, and Saturday November 11 from 11am-2pm T Studio’s Event Space is at 38-01 23rd Avenue, Suite 203 (the Astoria Soundworks building). Admission is free.

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