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Oct 12, 2017

Arcadia Bar & Kitchen Coming to Old Hell Gate Social Space

Arcadia Bar & Kitchen will open up in the old Hell Gate Social space on Astoria Blvd.

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For many weeks we’ve been wondering what is up with the activity at the old Hell Gate Social space (you may know it as the old Pop Bar space, but HGS made a huge splash at the time and its legacy lingers) on the other side of 21st Street. Well, now we know—Arcadia Bar & Kitchen is opening up, and will be “serving up cocktails, beer, a dinner menu and brunch on the weekends.”

They’ve made a number of renovations, including a new storefront, which we look forward to checking out the full effect when they open; I’m also personally hoping they’ve kept the sink downstairs as-is. Local artist and Welling Court Mural Project participant, @eyez, was brought on to paint a mural in the space, which should be pretty cool (we love his Bees Are Sacred mural nearby). We can’t wait to see it!

We’ve reached out to the owners of Arcadia Bar & Kitchen and hope to bring you more information soon. Interesting fun fact: there used to be a restaurant called Arcadia on the UES that opened in the 80s and closed in the last 90s. It was much beloved and New Yorkers still miss it.

Arcadia Bar & Kitchen, 12-21 Astoria Boulevard, Astoria | Instagram | Facebook

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Really excited for them to open up. Got a brief glimpse inside and the updated space is fantastic. Owners were friendly & welcoming, a great addition to the neighborhood for sure.


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