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Sep 29, 2017

New Fall Menus at Gaijin

Check out the new delicious fall menu at Astoria’s best Japanese restaurant, Gaijin.

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Have you been to Gaijin yet? It’s a newish Japanese restaurant that is getting rave reviews from Astorians across the board. We were contacted by them regarding their new fall menus—aside from their sushi alone, they have launched a three-tiered omakase structure, a Robata Tasting Menu and new fall a la carte menu. Here’s more about them:

Three-Tiered Omakase Menu. This hones in on the work of Executive Chef Mark Garcia, a veteran of top Chicago sushi establishments including Kaze Sushi and Sushi Samba. He is billed as having a “distinct style” and that means he has finds ways to combine the fish with unconventional mixtures of flavors and ingredients—unconventional for your average sushi bar, that is. For example, his Goldeneye Red Snapper is lightly seared and topped with fuji apple, sea salt and yuzu; his Bluefin Tuna might be underneath a combination of shiitake mushrooms, butter, and roasted almonds.

You can choose from the Starter: 9 pieces for $100, the Full: 12 pieces for $130, or the Premier: 15 pieces for $160. A sake and wine pairing for $50 is also available.


Robata Tasting Menu. This is for you or your dining companions that might not like to eat raw fish (no matter how delicious it might be). As someone who lives with a person who’s not into sushi, I can relate. The Robata Tasting Menu, “consists of three courses from the binchotan charcoal grill followed by dessert. The current lineup is Aka Miso Soup with hon shimeiji, crispy tofu and negi, a grilled flight of negima, aka ebi, and sea scallop, a changing robata item of the day, and gelato to finish.” Um, that sounds good to me!

Fall A La Carte Menu. Who doesn’t love to order things on their own? Here are some of the additions to the a la carte menu: housemade soba with grated daikon, salmon roe and wasabi; and filet mignon with red wine, shitake, and truffle taro mash. They have also put together a new Donburi—these are composed rice bowls (bowls are so hot right now). You’ll find Otoro Tartare Don (fatty tuna, fuji apple, ume soy, quail egg) and Unagi Don (robata grilled eel, hon shimeiji, anago sauce).


Gaijin (37-12 31st Avenue, Astoria. 929-328-2890) | FacebookInstagram | Yelp

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