Aug 17, 2017

Gelato & Co. To Open on 23rd Avenue

Gelato & Co. is opening on 23rd Avenue in Astoria.

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A WHA reader sent us this photo they snapped yesterday:


This is on the southeastern corner of 23rd Avenue and 29th Street—there was an accountant in there for quite some time (the office was also home to one the largest cats I’ve ever seen), but he closed down the business a few years ago. We heard that the new gelato place is being opened by two brothers from Milan. It looks like it might be a franchise of Gelato & Co. The font is the same, but with a different image.

They are working on installing cabinets and plumbing, and will spruce up the place, no doubt. We look forward to checking out the gelato when it’s open!

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We had gelato here and it was very good. The flavor was very consistent as was the texture.
Not like when we were in Italy, but still very good.


I’m excited, too, but wondering why it’s opening at the very end of summer! There is another gelateria that opened down on 27th and 24th ave, but they have a small selection. I don’t think that will do well, especially now that this one is opening in a busier spot. Excited! I love gelato!

Mucho Mango!

Fantastic! Can’t wait! Astoria needs a proper Italian gelateria and coffee bar.


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