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Jun 08, 2017

Walk In Gyn Care Has Arrived In Astoria

Ladies, this one’s for you.

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Women of Astoria who need gynecological care—there is a new place for you in the neighborhood. Walk In GYN Care has opened up at 28-18 Astoria Blvd in a state of the art office that has all of the facilities needed for a gynecological checkup and treatment. It is easily accessible by mass transit, too. Their all-woman staff of healthcare professionals offers a variety of services, from pap smears to STD tests, sonograms to pregnancy tests. And instead of being solely appointment based, here you can walk in and get treated, making it more convenient than a lot of other options.

Dr. Adeeti Gupta, American Board Certified leading Obstetrician, Gynecologist and CEO of Walk In GYN Care, has this to say:

“Getting a health check up should be as easy as shopping. You have a problem, you walk in, you get it checked and walk out. It should not be as complicated as it has become nowadays. The average wait time in the country to get an appointment with a Gynecologist is 4-6 weeks. If one has a problem now, how is an appointment going to help in 6 weeks? It needs to be addressed now. If a woman is suffering from pelvic pain, irregular bleeding, vaginal irritation or even if she just needs birth control or is new to town and doesn’t have a regular Gynecologist and needs a pap smear or STD testing, she shouldn’t have to wait 6 weeks to get the fix.”

Walk In GYN Care Origins

She opened the first ever Walk In center for Gynecology two years ago in Manhattan, and they have found their business to a rousing success—so much so that they are now expanding to Astoria. After treating hundreds of women and relying on their own experience and common sense, they’ve come to understand that a GYNO appointment can be stressful and anxiety-producing for some women—so they’ve done their best to make the experience a little nicer. Staff and doctors undergo training under Dr. Gupta’s supervision to ensure highest standards of quality care delivered in a gentle and compassionate manner.

“Has anyone ever wanted to go see a gynecologist or a dentist if they can help it? It’s NOT fun,” quips Dr. Gupta. “Walk In GYN Care is unlike routine medical facilities. As you walk into the office a play of colorful décor make the waiting room look warm and inviting. Instead of the drab greys and whites, there are splashes of orange and green. The exam rooms also have a fun lime green flooring and retro lighting. The walls also showcase beautiful art from local artists.”

Hours and Insurance

One of the things Walk In GYN Care touts is their hours, which go into the early evening, as well as weekend hours:

Monday 8am-7pm
Tuesday 8am-7pm
Wednesday 8am-7pm
Thursday 8am-7pm
Friday 8am-7 pm
Saturday 10am-3pm
3p to 7p (Mon-Fri)—Reserved only for Walk In’s.

I do wonder if they will eventually extend them even more, as many folks I know don’t get home until 7pm from their jobs. It’s good to see weekend hours, though.

You can also see the insurance they take, here. As of the writing of this article, they are 1199, Aetna, Affinity, Amerigroup, Empire/ BCBS, Fidelis, Healthfirst, Oscar, Cigna, GHI, HIP/ Emblem (except Prime), HC Partners, Multiplan, United/Oxford (except Liberty & Metro plans through the Obama exchange). Cash is also accepted, but those prices are likely quite a bit higher than with insurance.

A Convenient Option

All in all, it’s great to have a walk in option in the neighborhood, staffed by professionals that attempt to make what is often a trying experience more palatable. And I can attest to Dr. Gupta’s statement about a wait time for an appointment—in my personal experience, indeed it can take a month or more to get an appointment for the basics; at Walk In GYN Care, you can get access much faster, especially when you have to get an answer to something (life threatening situations, of course, are best handled in the ER) like getting your birth control refilled, or seeing if that crazy pain you’re feeling is an ovarian cyst or not.

“If you can walk in to get your hair blown out or get your nails done then why can’t getting an urgent women’s health issue get the same level of prompt, compassionate and great care?” remarks Dr. Gupta. “So, next time you have a problem that needs urgent check up and there’s no appointment available with your regular GYNO, just walk in and walk out with your prescription! “

We hope Astorians will find the Walk In GYN Care a helpful resource for the community.

Walk In GYN Care (28-18 Astoria Blvd, Astoria) | Facebook

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