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Jun 22, 2017

169 New Apartment Units Coming to Astoria

The development never stops.

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While perusing the Department of Buildings site, I noticed a number of applications over the past couple of months to build brand new buildings around the neighborhood. I counted eight buildings of varying sizes, and thought you’d like to see what they are. Their accompanying demolition permits will no doubt be on their way, since only two of the eight start out as vacant lots.

The biggest by far is a 7-story, 93 unit building at 23-11 31st Road for Brooklyn-based Catholic Charities’ Caring Communities Associates HDFC, which will provide affordable senior housing. It’s currently a parking lot.

The Residential portion will be huge: 74,454 square feet, with an accompanying community facility at 8,948 square feet. There will be no parking on the premises, which seems kind of nuts for such a large facility.

Their plan exam is “in process” due to “Drawings Incomplete.” No doubt it will be built.

Here are the rest of the buildings, photos from Google Maps:

31-41 29th Street

Six story residential building—7,500 square feet, 6 stories, 10 units. No parking. Currently a three story vinyl sided house.

22-50 33rd Street

Seven story residential building—11,042 square feet, 7 stories, 12 units. No parking. Located next door to St. Catherine & St. George Greek Orthodox Church and School.

30-17 23rd Street

Four story residential building—4,109 square feet, 5 stories, 6 units. No parking. Currently a three-story brick pre-war building.

28-15 35th Street

Six story residential building—14,870 square feet, 6 stories, 20 units. 10 parking spaces. Currently a two-story saltbox house adjacent to a parking lot.

25-88 41st Street

Four story mixed used building—residential: 3,493 square feet, community space: 75 square feet, commercial space: 1,599 square feet; 4 units, 2 parking spaces. Currently a two-story house with commercial space on the ground floor.

21-10 31st Avenue

Eight story mixed use building—residential: 12,108 square feet, commercial space: 426 square feet; 14 units, no parking. Currently a vacant lot.

30-54 38th Street

Five story residential building—7.455 square feet, 5 stories, 10 units. No parking. Currently a short, squat little house.

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Too Much

Have you guys seen the Broadway train stop at 6:30/7pm?? Where are we going to place so many people??


This is so sad. Talk about destroying the neighbourhood’s history / historic buildings.


Totally different zoning there too. You think it has to do with where a certain “cough” family lives?


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