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Apr 05, 2017

Check Out the Citi Bike Station Map for Astoria

Get a sneak peek at the map of Citi Bike stations in Astoria.

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PHOTO CREDIT: DNAinfo/Jill Colvin

PHOTO CREDIT: DNAinfo/Jill Colvin

Last night at the monthly CB1 meeting, members were presented with a draft map of the coming Citi Bike stations in Astoria. We thought we’d share it with you while the Citi Bike folks get the info up on their website. Click the image at the end of this article to enlarge, or you can head here for a very clear PDF of the map. UPDATE 4/6/17: Since this is a draft of the stations, DOT wants to hear public comment—now is your time to remark on this project if you have thoughts, ideas, or are simply outraged at the plan. Public comments on these draft locations over the next four weeks or so. We also have a PDF copy of the plan presentation, which you can find here.

In short, in this draft the stations in this draft look spaced out pretty nicely. The key translates square markers as stations located on the street, and triangles as stations on the sidewalk. Logically, there are Citi Bike stations at each N/W subway stop along 31st Street and at the Steinway M/R stop; there’s a Citi Bike station a block from the 36th Street M/R stop, and it looks like it’s in front of the Paper Factory Hotel. (And if we’re lucky, you can bike there to our Best of Astoria Bash!)

Other streets that got a significant number of stations include Crescent Street, 31st Avenue, and Broadway. A moderate number of stations are on 24th Avenue, Hoyt, 30th Avenue west of 31st Street, 34th Avenue, 35th Avenue, 21st Street, and Vernon Blvd.

Parks and playgrounds served are Astoria Park, Ditmars Park, Hoyt Playground, Goodwill Park, Van Alst Playground, Astoria Heights Playground, Athens Square Park, Socrates Sculpture Park, Rainey Park, Spirit Playground, Dutch Kills Playground, and Queensbridge Park.

It will be easy to use Citi Bike to get to the Noguchi Museum, Socrates Sculpture Park, and MOMI, too. I can see how it would be a nice night to take a ride on a warm evening to Socrates for their summer Outdoor Cinema.

So check out the map below and rejoice—Citi Bike is a reality in Astoria!


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This is amazing news. Residents will get around easier, and more people will get to explore our amazing neighborhood. CitiBike is an excellent solution for Astoria to become a stronger, greener and healthier community. I am extremely excited to be able to use these bikes daily!


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