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Mar 09, 2017

Boulevard Bar & Grill is Coming to Astoria Blvd.

Boulevard Bar & Grill is slated to open on Astoria Blvd.

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While perusing the SLA calendar, I noticed that something called Kitchen 44 Corp was scheduled for the March 2 500 FT Hearing (the rule is that there are “restrictions on the approval of certain on-premises liquor licenses if the location is within a 500 foot radius of certain other establishments with onpremises liquor licenses”—more here). After a little digging, turns out something called Boulevard Bar & Grill is the business associated with the corporation name. It will be located at 30-12 Astoria Blvd.

It seems to have been in the works for a while, with the first indication of a “new eating & drinking establishment” in 2015. According to publicly available data from the Department of Buildings, the owner is Lou Romano Trujillo, a name that would be familiar to those who were fans of The Lunch Box (not to be confused with Lunchbox LIC on 35th Avenue), which was also located in the same neighborhood as Boulevard Bar & Grill (25-17 Astoria Blvd). We reached out to Lou multiple times but have not heard back from him for comment.

Records also indicate what kind of work they are doing inside the space—new plumbing, new kitchen appliances, a new bar, new finishes. Par for the course, but a shiny new space is a nice thing.

We’ll bring you more information as we get it.

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