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Feb 09, 2017

36 Ave Animal Clinic to Donate Cat and Dog Food to Needy Animal Orgs

Local vet office 36 Ave Animal Clinic is donating a whole lotta dog and cat food to deserving nonprofits in NYC.

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In a time when there’s a lot of bad news out there, we have some good news to share today. Local vet clinic 36 Ave Animal Clinic is donating a few organizations that can really use the help. On Friday, February 24, they plan to give thousands of dollars of top quality dog and cat food to three NYC-based programs that help pets and people. They are:

  • Healthy Pets Project—provides city-wide pet owners in crisis with support and resources to prevent surrender of their beloved pets to shelters and to keep families together.
  • New Beginning Animal Rescue—the only Bronx no-kill animal shelter which takes in and adopts out unwanted, abandoned, or abused animals, and involves students and at-
    risk community members in animal protection and care.
  • NYC Animal Care Centers’ Community Pets Food Pantry—provides pet food to Bronx families who need support in keeping their family pets during periods of economic hardship.

The hope is that folks will be inspired to give, too, from food, to toys, to the almighty dollar. All of these organizations above are dedicated to finding creative solutions to the issue of domesticated animals at risk. It’s heartbreaking to hear stories of pets and their humans being separated because of overwhelming circumstances. Some people lived on a fixed income, or are senior citizens, veterans, with disabilities, and some, frankly, get caught up in economic hardship; so many of us are just one paycheck away from having our lives turned upside down. Some folks have had their companion animals for many years, and disrupting that bond can be devastating for human and animal alike.

The 36 Ave Animal Clinic states, “It is crucially important to assist pet owners in need so they aren’t forced to give up their beloved companions when on hard times, as well as support shelters which care for and re-home abandoned and abused animals. Pets and their people provide mutual support to each other especially during difficult times.”

The clinic also encourages people to “adopt don’t shop” as the saying goes, and find a dog or cat to adopt. So many animals from pet stores are sourced from puppy mills, which qualifies as a Very Bad Thing.

Other contributions to the local pet community by 36 Ave Animal Clinic are providing discounts to rescue groups, giving the public a more economical alternative to preventative care, and providing free exams and discounted vaccines over the holidays.

We hope you can join the Clinic and donate to these three organizations, or even to your local shelter or animal rescue organization. Such a good cause! Contact them at 718-752-1488 for more info.

Lastly, what neighborhood organizations do you like to support these days? We’d love to know, and perhaps we can feature them at a later date. Post a comment or shoot us an email. Thanks!

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