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Jan 06, 2017

Did You Know? The OA Filmed in Astoria

Some scenes from the Netflix series, The OA, were filmed at Kaufman Astoria Studios.

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Note: we have done our best to avoid spoilers here, though links will no doubt lead to plot details.

How many of you have watched The OA, Netflix’s supernatural mystery drama series that first aired in late December? I spent a whole day watching it in its entirety, and while I have mixed feelings about the series I am glad I saw it and it’s definitely give me something to think about. One detail about the show that I absolutely loved was that part of it was filmed right here in Astoria!

Kaufman Astoria Studios posted about it on Facebook (sharing Netflix’s trailer), announcing that it was filmed at KAS. But what parts were filmed there? From what we can tell by our own deduction, it has to have been the interior shots with no features that would give us a clue about the location. I’m speculating that the scenes underground are those (if you’ve watched the series, you know what I’m talking about). As for the other locations, Atlas of Wonders put together a great post with screenshots and commentary on the various locations.

I reached out to Kaufman, but they were only able to provide me with a couple of interesting details: there will be a season 2 (“Season 2 will be done in LA to accommodate the lead actors”) and that the parts of The OA filmed at KAS were on Stage H (a 12,060 square foot soundstage), a medium sized space in the KAS soundstage environment.

We’re sorry to see them head to LA for the next season—and actually, it sounds like they were originally going to film season 1 in LA but they fell in love with Central Valley up the Hudson, which made it convenient for them to do some filming downstate in Astoria.

So how about you? Have you watched The OA? Are you planning to? What did you think, if you did watch it. It’s fun to talk about this show and make speculation, so leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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