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Sep 10, 2016

Ramen Shack For Reals – Restaurant Opening in LIC This Month

Ramen Shack owner Chef Keizo Shimamoto is opening a Ramen Shack restaurant (as opposed to a pop-up) in LIC this month.

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Photo credit: Ramen Shack

Those of you that made it to Smorgasburg Queens in the Summer of 2015 no doubt remember Ramen Shack. And if you didn’t know about them from that event, you might know them as the creator of the Ramen Burger—a meat patty surrounded on either side by a “bun” made of compressed ramen noodles. Sounds weird, perhaps, but it was a true sensation when it debuted in 2013. Even casual dining chain Red Robin and Dunkin Donuts got in on the action with their own version.

QNS.com reports that Ramen Shack owner Chef Keizo Shimamoto is opening a Ramen Shack restaurant (as opposed to a pop-up) in LIC, at 13-13 40th Avenue, just across the street from the Queensbridge houses, and on the corner of 21st Street. This location has served as his kitchen where he prepares the food he offers at the various pop-ups. But over time he found this arrangement to be rather unwieldy and dissatisfying. So, he has turned his kitchen into a brick and mortar restaurant.

According to the article, he will open Ramen Shack on September 27 at 11am; they’ll be open until 7pm. He will offer around 20 types of ramen soups “including Truffle Shio, Tori Tan Tan and Tonkotsu Shoyu.” His new Teri Pine burger—topped with a slice of pineapple—will also be on the menu. This location will also provide Chef Shimamoto a chance to try out new ideas and concepts. Most everything on the menu will be between $10 and $13. You’ll be able to visit Ramen Shack Tuesdays to Fridays from 11am-7pm, as well as on the weekends; they’ll be closed on Mondays.

Creator of Ramen Burger to open restaurant in Long Island City next month [QNS]


Photo credit: Ramen Shack

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