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Sep 27, 2016

ICYMI: A New Flea in Astoria On the Horizon?

The folks behind the LIC Flea & Food want to open another Flea in Astoria’s Chappetto Square, AKA the Cheesebox, by next year.

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Via Google Maps

On September 13, the CB1 Parks Committee addressed the topic of yet another Flea in Astoria. The LIC Flea & Food approached CB1 about possibly opening a third Flea in Chappetto Square, AKA “the Cheesebox,” located at Hoyt Avenue North and 23rd Street. This is a city-owned park, unlike the Flea’s other locations (36th Street at Kaufman Astoria Studios, and at the corner of 5th Street and 46th Avenue in LIC), which are privately owned spaces.

DNAinfo spoke with Richard Khuzami, parks committee chair for CB1, and they reported that he indicated that the organizers of the new Flea would like to be up and running by next year. And as with DNAinfo, Josh Schneps did not return our emails for comment or additional information on the project. Megan Lalor from the Parks Department, was more forthcoming and said they are open to helping the newest Flea find an appropriate space. She said, “We asked them to present their proposal to the Community Board to get their feedback and input and will move forward based on community response.”

So yes, the CB1 Parks committee, too, wants a more concrete proposal and they also want to hear feedback from the community before making any kind of recommendation or decision. Stay tuned for news on a hearing.

How about you—is this additional Flea a good idea? What do you think about the location? Leave us a comment with your thoughts and opinions!

LIC Flea Owners Planning Outdoor Market on City Lot Near Astoria Park [DNAinfo]

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Hannah Smith

Fine with another flea market — just as long as it’s not run by LIC Flea. Horrid, opportunistic people who don’t give a damn about the area other than how much money they can make out of it. Speak to vendors — they’re despised.


I wish people in our area worried less about parking and more about enriching the neighborhood. I had a car for a long time while living in Astoria, and I agree, parking it was terrible. I ended up ditching the car and now rely on Zipcar and mass transit. This would be a lot of fun as long as it includes new and varied vendors.


It suckes where are going to park on that area . It’s a residential area we don’t need this shit . It bad enough lately with people using that area after closing time gambling cooking illegal selling smoking play music and so on and the park dep don’t do shit about it.


I’m a little worried. I thought the community funding approved dog park was going in there. Is that not happening now?

Meg Cotner

Two different locations. The dog park is going underneath the Triboro where there are some basketball courts (which will also get an upgrade).


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