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Sep 29, 2016

We’re Closer to Having Citi Bike in Astoria

Citi Bike will arrive in Astoria in 2017 and accompanying town halls are on the horizon.

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PHOTO CREDIT: DNAinfo/Jill Colvin

PHOTO CREDIT: DNAinfo/Jill Colvin

Over the past couple of years we’ve heard again and again that Citi Bike is coming to Astoria. The latest news confirms earlier assessments that the city’s bike share system will arrive in the neighborhood in 2017. Astoria Post reports that CB1’s Facebook and Twitter accounts have the latest, though the updates are more lackluster than I expected: “Citi Bike is coming to Astoria. Town halls will be announced. We will keep you posted.”

The news of town halls is good, and perhaps will involve another round of community input regarding location of stations. Locations that are no-brainers include subway stops and parks, and I would imagine that areas like the Kaufman Arts District are also prime locations. BTW, you can see where the current stations are, on this map.

The Astoria Post article confirms our assertion with a quote from CB1 District Manager Florence Koulouris: “Community Board 1 wants all members of the board district to be aware of this and participate, and we don’t want to feel that anyone is being left out of the process, because it is important that all residents share information and participate.”

How about you—is the arrival of Citi Bike a good thing? Will you use it? Or is it just a pain the ass and another aspect of gentrification creeping into Astoria? We’d love to know what you think—leave us a comment!

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I used it about 3 times a week. I usually ride it back home when I get off work and park at the station next to Queensboro bridge then walk back to my apt near 36th ave.
Hope they can arrive sooner!

Lynn Nevins

I will likely use it…depends on how convenient the depot locations are for me. I’ll also need to consider/plot out just WHERE I would ride the bike. Main thoroughfares in Astoria are too congested…. I couldn’t ride along the water due to the sun (I can’t take the sun..) …but maybe riding along the ‘inside side’ of Astoria park could be nice.

Hannah Smith

It’s not a nice road to ride down — drivers speed along there.

The bigger problem is the reckless car driving that is accepted in Astoria. Hopefully citibike will help.


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