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Jul 27, 2016

Next Astoria Pokémon Go Crawl is This Weekend

The next Astoria Pokémon Go bar crawl is happening this Saturday, July 30 in the Ditmars Area – starting at The Pomeroy, ending at QED.

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Pokémon Go players, this one’s for you—if you missed the last Pokémon Go crawl in Astoria, you’re in luck. There’s one happening Saturday, July 30, at 3pm and it’s sponsored by the fine folks at QED. So not only an you try to “catch ‘em all” with your fellow Astorians, but at the end of the crawl at QED there will be a free standup comedy show, along with happy hour drink specials.

Plus you’ll get a free “admit two” pass to any future comedy show. That’s a pretty sweet deal right there. These days, QED is by far the best place to see comedy in Astoria.

The crawl starts at The Pomeroy (36-12 Ditmars Blvd), and will move to the following bars after that:

  1. The Ditty (35-03 Ditmars Blvd)
  2. The Bonnie (29-12 23rd Avenue)
  3. Letlove Inn (27-20 23rd Avenue)

And ending at QED (27-16 23rd Avenue); BTW, you can also wear your team colors (Mystic/Instinct/Valor) if you feel like it. All the bars are in the Ditmars area and are relatively close to each other, so this should be a nice afternoon. I’ve enjoyed the summer sangria at The Bonnie in particular, and think it’s simply fab—tastes like a really good strawberry soda, but better.

For more info and to RSVP, head to the Meetup page. Have a great time!

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