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Jun 30, 2016

End of an Era: Doral Donut Shop on Broadway Has Closed

The news is true – Doral Donut Shop on Broadway has closed.

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Photo credit: Stephanie P. on Yelp

You may have walked by it and not given it any notice, or you may be devoted customer of this neighborhood institution, but regardless, the news isn’t pretty—Doral Donut Shop has closed. We first got wind of this from WHA reader Jeff:

“I just walked past Doral Donuts just off the Broadway N Station and saw a terrible sign of the times. The windows have craft paper over then and a sign on the windows say something along the lines of ‘thanks for your many years of support.’ The hours had changed the past few weeks to early closings…but this is totally out of left field. True neighborhood fixture…no more. So sad.”

Doral Donut Shop is the kind of spot that has been disappearing from Astoria—it’s not hip, it’s not fancy, and it’s not trying to be anything else but a place to get a solid, cheap plate of food. The $4.50 breakfast special was particularly popular, and customers loved that stability of the place when it was open. Ironically, the donuts were the weakest part of place, according to patrons.

I really like this post about Doral Donut Shop from the Astoria blog, Michelle Eats Astoria. Her description is accurate:

“Doral Donut Shop is small—there are about eight tables seating four, and counter seats lining the bar. On weekends, the shop is always at capacity, with quick turnaround for those wishing to eat-in. The waitresses are friendly, and consist of middle-aged European women in matching blue aprons, who seem to have been at Doral since its opening. The place has a no-frills, old school diner vibe; I appreciate this, as Doral does not try and seem like something it is not. Although it is surrounded on Broadway by a multitude of upscale brunch houses, Doral stays true to its roots – good food, at a great price.

“Doral Donut Shop has been in Astoria for a long time, and is reminiscent of old-time family diners. It is full of locals, many of whom come in with their families each weekend. In an ever-growing and gentrified part of Astoria, it is nice to still have a low-key place where you can go in, get inexpensively great food, and feel like you are far away from the trendy and crowded brunch places.”

Personally, I’m sorry to see Doral Donut Shop close. It was a mainstay for a lot of Astorians, and provided a sense of familiarity, if not nostalgia, in a restaurant scene that is constantly changing—and, frankly, getting more expensive. We wish the owners well, and we extend our sympathies to the patrons who will no doubt miss this place big time.

Farewell, Doral Donut Shop.

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I recently started a new job in the area was looking for a place to get breakfast. I was only able to enjoy their delicious breakfast offerings twice before I noticed they were closed. Really sad. I haven’t found any alternatives so far, anyone have suggestions? Thanks!


You must try Michael’s! Just up the street on Broadway bet. 33rd & 34th Streets. It’s a basic 24 hr diner with some random excellent items like homemade-from-scratch mozzarella sticks. I am so afraid that Michael’s will go the way of Doral Donuts – please patronize them!


Really sad about Doral, I’m getting really sick of the expensive cookie cutter places opening up in the neighborhood lately. However, Michael’s, despite having a bit of character, is simply horrible. I’ve lived in the Astoria over a decade and it remains the absolute worst meal I’ve ever had. THAT is the kind of place that should be shutting down, not Doral.


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