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May 05, 2016

Meet the Dazzling Divas of Haus of Mimosa!

  If you’ve been to any of our recent Best of Astoria parties, you’ve experienced the fabulousness of Haus of Mimosa, a dazzling (and hilarious) Queens-based drag duo. They’ve served (…)

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If you’ve been to any of our recent Best of Astoria parties, you’ve experienced the fabulousness of Haus of Mimosa, a dazzling (and hilarious) Queens-based drag duo. They’ve served our events as the hostesses with the mostest: making us laugh, performing some tunes, and overall delighting the crowd.

We’re lucky enough to have them back for our big party at The Pomeroy on May 9, so to get you excited, here’s a little glimpse into the fabulous world of Mimosa, in their own words!

How did the Haus of Mimosa come about?
We started as a Podcast on iTunes called Sunday Morning Mimosa where we created and developed the characters of these Astoria Housewives, Anita M. Buffem (Travis Barr) and Gina Marie Rittale (Steven Incammicia).  People automatically fell in love with Anita and Gina Marie and wanted to know where they could see them live.  So, we created a live musical/comedy stage show based these two characters and began booking performances at theater spaces in the NYC area…and the rest is Haus of Mimosa history.


Do you live in Queens, if so where about?  How did you end up here?
We actually live right here in Astoria, which is where the inspiration for our show came from.  It literally is The Haus of Mimosa, because not only do we work together but we are roommates as well.
Travis:  I’m originally from outside Syracuse, NY and came to the city to pursue a career in the recording industry which lead to me producing all our of our music tracks for our live performances.
Steven:  I grew up out on Long Island and came to NYC for college to pursue a career in musical theatre.


What has been your favorite Haus of Mimosa moment so far?  
Theres been so many big moments….We got our start performing in Astoria and our audience here is always the best, we are currently looking to partner with an Astoria venue now for the summer so be on the look out for that! Some of our favorite moments include receiving an award for our performance at the NYC Pride Rally on The Central Park Summer Stage, filming our web-series around Astoria, and hosting/performing an event for The Trevor Project honoring Meghan McCain as an LGBT ally to name a few.


What’s your personal favorite place to grab food in Astoria or LIC? 
Before our Sunday morning brunch show at KTCHN Restaurant on 42nd st in Manhattan we always have to stop by New York City Bagel and Coffee House. We’re addicted! The coffee is exceptional and the bagels are the best in the area.  Its always great to start your morning off right, you know? Anita (Travis) is obsessed with the french toast bagel….ask for it with butter and cinnamon, its amazing!


How about your favorite place to grab a drink?
When you’re in the mood for a great drink, our favorite place to go is The Strand Smokehouse here in Astoria.  Whether it’s one of the many beers they have or a fabulous specialty cocktail they are always a great choice.


What’s your favorite hidden secret in Astoria/LIC?   
When your are looking for dinner or a late night fix check out The Boss of the Tacos taco truck parked outside The Rite Aid on Broadway and 47th St. right here in Astoria. It’s a hidden gem!!!  For more info call them directly at (929) 230-0976.


If you have friends or family coming into the area, where do you take them?
Other than making sure all of our out-of-towners see our brunch show, we always take them to the Bohemian Beer Garden. The outdoor seating area is great on a nice day and the atmosphere is unique to what you can find in the NYC area.


Where else can readers check you out?
We’re on Instagram here (Anita) and here (Gina Marie.)


You can get the links to all of our social media, listen to our podcast and get our schedule of live events at The Haus of Mimosa’s official website.


Our web series can be seen on Sherry Vine’s new Youtube Channel: GaySVTVWorld.
Podcast can be found here.


Thanks to the Haus of Mimosa duo for taking a moment to share their Astoria with us. See you at The Pomeroy!

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Lindsay has been eating and drinking her way through Queens since 2011. A casting director by day and Astoria explorer by night, you can usually find her checking out live music, theatre, or the newest neighborhood spot to enjoy a craft beer.

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