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Feb 22, 2016

Five Options for National Margarita Day in Astoria and LIC

Well, today’s the day—National Margarita Day! The entire staff here at We Heart Astoria loves this tasty cocktail, and we’re glad there are a number of solid options nearby in which (…)

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Photo credit: Mojave

Well, today’s the day—National Margarita Day! The entire staff here at We Heart Astoria loves this tasty cocktail, and we’re glad there are a number of solid options nearby in which to enjoy—they all have a tasty and varied food menu, too. Here are five suggestions for magarita-ing it up today, at places we’d love to go to ourselves.

Casa Enrique

This is our best choice in LIC. Their margaritas are fruity, well-balanced, and easy to drink (a good or bad thing, depending on your perspective). They offer a whole lot of options (check the Tequila & Cocktails tab) but the basic Casa Enrique Margarita ($10) comes in a variety of flavors—classic lime, grapefruit, pineapple, strawberry, and tamarind. In the past they’ve offered a red pepper margarita, which might sound odd but really works; ask them if they can make it for you if you’re intrigued. 5-48 49th Avenue, Long Island City


Photo credit: Casa Enrique

Chela Y Garnacha

This small Mexican eatery on 36th Avenue is a beloved spot for the WHA staff. Their margarita menu is small—there’s the Home Made Margarita ($8) and the Spicy Margarita ($9). I’ve always found their margaritas to be, for use of a better word, gentle—the Home Made is a very friendly drink; the Spicy certainly has a kick (in a good way). Their margaritas go really well with their homemade guacamole and their unique Intrincadas—a spicy masa patty topped with a choice of Pollo (chicken) or Flor de calabaza (squash flower). 33-09 36th Avenue, Astoria



Mojave offers a selection of margaritas—on the rocks and frozen, from lime to strawberry, but their drink in the margarita family that is really different is their Sangrita—basically it’s a glass of sangria combined with frozen lime margarita mix (pictured below). It’s cold and fruity—don’t knock it ’til you try it. 22-36 31st Street Astoria


Photo credit: Mojave

Pachanga Patterson

Pachanga continues to put out great food and their drinks are also very good. Their margarita menu (check the Drinks tab) is also small but both drinks are solid. We particularly like the La Pachanga Margarita ($10) that sets itself apart from the pack with the addition of housemade hibiscus syrup. Or choose the Classic Margarita ($9) for a familiar taste and feel. Pair your drink with one of their flavorful tacos—perhaps Oyster Mushroom for the vegetarians, Cochinita Pibil for the omnivores—and you’ve got a great meal going on. 33-17 31st Avenue, Astoria


Photo credit: Pachanga Patterson


Head to Tacuba for a party-like atmosphere and a range of margarita options. Their list of drinks ranges from frozen (raspado) margaritas (mango, pomegranate, lime, and tamarindo flavors) to a pitcher of watermelon (“La Sandia”) margaritas, as well as a skinny margarita, if that’s your bag. Their drinks are a great match with the food—consider a plate of their refreshing Ceviche Peruano or an order of Fajitas to go with. 35-01 36th Street, Astoria


Photo credit: Tacuba

Where is your favorite margarita in town? Let us know in the comments!

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