Sep 01, 2015

Our Favorite Boring Services in Astoria: Dentists, Post Offices, Tailors, and More

Ah, errands. The ones you put off for weeks because you just don’t want to be bothered, and you also might not know where to go. You know we love (…)

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Ah, errands. The ones you put off for weeks because you just don’t want to be bothered, and you also might not know where to go. You know we love writing about sexy things like the newest restaurant openings and the best events going on in Astoria, but we also want to be real: sometimes you just need to find a dentist that isn’t sketchy.

I picked out some of my favorite errand destinations around the neighborhood. Add your favorite places in the comments…and really, please do, because I only cover so much ground! Seriously, feel free to add yours in the comments, and be sure to share WHY you love the place.


Dentist: ED Family Dental

Waiting room goodies. Photo by me.

This is an amazing office. They saw me the same day when I just wandered in after passing by. X-Rays and a cleaning for $60 (that’s without insurance, as in $60 even if you don’t have insurance). They did a great job with my cleaning, and stayed super late for me. Just for me! Really, this team was super nice and thorough. Clean, high tech equipment. Everything you’d want. I went back after I knocked a tooth loose at the gym and they saw me on the spot. Highly recommended!

Ed Family Dental – Dr. Eduart Shkurti (31-25 31st Street | (929) 220-3978)


Post Office: 30-11 21st St

I discovered this brand new post office when one I used to frequent on 21st Street was closed (and it should have been ~I hated that place..slow and bad service, old forms, rude staff). This new location is a dream. I’m guessing that because it’s new, not a lot of people know about it, and even when I go during times you think it’d be busy, it’s not. I have PO Box here, and the hours are pretty good,  Lobby Hours 7am to 5pm Monday – Friday, til 1pm on Saturday, retail services start at 9am each day. It’s also spacious, I know I shouldn’t,  but I do leave my bike INSIDE when I visit, so I don’t have to bother locking up my bike outside.

U.S.Post Office (30-11 21st St)


Key maker & Shoe Repair: Michael’s Shoe Repair

I’ve had my shoes resoled here, and cleaned up — and they came out looking brand new. I also get key copies made here. It’s cash only. Super convenient as it’s right outside the 30th Street subway.

Michael’s Shoe Repair (28-56 31st St | (718) 675-9005)


Alterations & Dry Cleaning: Chic Cleaners

The service here is super friendly. I’ve had everything dry cleaned here: from dresses to coats to bed spreads. I trust them with everything and items always come back great. I’ve also had things steamed on the spot before work, which was cheap and well worth it. Their tailor is amazing. They’ve turned my long bridesmaid dress into a short dress, done regular dress alterations, and more. I even had them take the sleeves off my grandpa’s old boy scout shirt so I could wear it as a vest, another great job done (and I know they took extra care because it was a family heirloom).

Chic Cleaners & Tailoring (3005 30th Ave | (718) 932-3125)


Laundry: Astoria Laundry

Astoria laundry does pick up and drop off. They fold, they wash, they’ll hang things to dry if you request it. It costs about $25 for a full bag (for me, that’s about 2 weeks of laundry). When you think about the time you save, never having to buy soap and all that, it’s an easy choice.  In general, they will pick up and deliver in between 6am and 11pm.

Astoria Laundry (30th Street / 30th Ave | (718) 278-2000)


Glasses & Contacts: Cohen’s Fashion Optical

I’ve gotten two exams here for contacts. The doctor is nice and they match prices to places like 1-800 contacts. I also love it because they give me as much peroxide contact cleaner samples as I can carry, for free! That stuff is expensive, so I appreciate it!

Cohen’s Fashion Optical (22-19 31st St | (718) 777-7678)



Where do you go to run your un-fun errands? Share in the comments!







Saw a Kids Kutz just open up on Steinway and 23rd ave. I haven’t checked it out yet but looks like a cool spot for kids haircuts.


This is so helpful; especially the shoe repair. NYC beats up my shoes, and instead of fixing them, I always just toss them and buy new ones. I’ll have to try Michael’s.

This is going to sound strange, but the pharmacists at Rite Aid on 30th Ave and 33rd Street are the best I’ve met. They are very helpful with navigating the sometimes tricky business of dealing with insurance companies, and are persistent in following up to be sure you have what you need. They’ve taken my cell phone number multiple times and have called me the moment they have a prescription ready, or even just an answer to an insurance question. What can normally be a huge headache is a littleeee more pleasant thanks to their professionalism.


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