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Jun 30, 2015

Jazz Night at The Letlove Inn: Be Sure to Catch the Last Show of the Summer for The Subtonic 3 Tonight

Talk about talent on a Tuesday night!  On the corner of 28th Street and 23rd Ave, the funky notes of a modern jazz band flow from the doors and windows (…)

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Talk about talent on a Tuesday night!  On the corner of 28th Street and 23rd Ave, the funky notes of a modern jazz band flow from the doors and windows of The Letlove Inn. Patrons can be seen gathering around the dark entrance, socializing and enjoying the warm summer’s night breeze. It’s inviting and curiosity-provoking to any passerby. So what’s so special about the sights and sounds coming from that unlabeled, cryptic entrance?

drink Photo Courtesy of Michel Dominguez

The Bar:

The Letlove Inn is a fairly recent addition to the Ditmars area of Astoria. It’s a dark-spots and cozy-corners kind of a bar where the lighting comes from the faint glow of candles on the tables and a softly-lit chandelier.  The drinks are well made and you can ask for anything from canned beer to a fresh-squeezed lime juice, gin and soda concoction—my personal favorite.  Behind the bar, they have some old vinyl, a record player, and a large antique case housing the liquor and beer. The air basically drips with mysterious aura and intrigue of a 1920’s speakeasy .

BandPhoto Courtesy of Michael Beddome

The Music:

On Tuesday nights, the vibe gets even better as the music is live.  The Subtonic 3 is a jazz band with a twist. They seamlessly blend different music genres without losing the sense of freedom that comes with jazz. Their music integrates hints of soulful blues and tones of classic rock complimented by an electric keyboard. One of the most memorable songs of the night was the awesome nod to “Kiss” by Prince, followed by a mixture of riffing and solos that then closed out again with the same song.

The three musicians—Costas Baltazanis (guitarist), Engin Kaan Gunaydin (drummer), Isamu McGregor (keyboardist)—all seem deeply in tune with one another. Each of them easily reads when it’s their turn to come in and when it’s their turn to back off. Their instruments tie into each other and yet each one stands on its own. Not to mention, they each know how to take the stage and rock a solo.  The constant smiles of the drummer, the rhythmic head-bob of the keyboardist, and the deep focus of the guitarist all paint the picture of sweet gratification, which makes the musical scene all the more enjoyable.


poster Photo Courtesy of Michel Dominguez


The Subtonic 3 plays one more night at The Letlove Inn before the band members go their separate ways for the summer.  The musicians will be back in the fall though.

entrance Photo Courtesy of Michel Dominguez

What’s Next:

Rumor has it that the next band to play Tuesday nights at the Inn is The MastMatt Kilmer—the music coordinator and composer for hit TV show “Louie”—makes up one-half of the band. The other half is made up by vocalist, Haleh Gafori, whose work has also appeared on hit TV shows such as NBC’s “Life” and the CW’s “The Originals.” It’ll be exciting to see what the duo brings to the table in the absence of The Subtonic 3.

For more info follow The Letlove Inn on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The Letlove Inn
27-20 23rd Avenue
Astoria, NY 11105
(718) 777-5683

Where are your favorite places to watch live music in Astoria? Let us know in the comments.

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