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Jun 26, 2015

How To Enjoy The Astoria Park Carnival (As an Adult, Kid, or Adult with Kids)

Last year I was lucky enough to go to the Astoria Park Carnival with my brother-in-law, Tommy. We ate snow cones that left food dye all over our hands and (…)

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Last year I was lucky enough to go to the Astoria Park Carnival with my brother-in-law, Tommy. We ate snow cones that left food dye all over our hands and faces. We played competitive water shooting games to see who would win the stuffed animal. We rode that wild ride that swings you back and forth from one really unnecessarily high point to another while you rotate in circles in the air.

Despite the waiting in line, and the sticky residue of sugar and food dye, and the feeling of terror that hits you when your arms and legs are flailing in the air, carnivals still give you a chance to explore your inner child and have fun.

Top that with an awesome view of the East River and the beautiful backdrop of our Astoria Park, how could you not want to go? So without further ado:

Five ways to explore the Astoria Park Carnival:

Couple2Photo Courtesy of Michel Dominguez

Date Night

Bottom Line: It’s romantic, especially at night. You have the lights of the skyline across the river mirrored by the glow of the carnival rides under the bridge.  The luscious, green surroundings of the park set against the city buildings make the locale a spectacular spot to spend the night at with your honey. There are so many foods to split. Between lemonades and turkey legs, to ice cream and funnel cake, everything looks fatteningly delicious. The buildup of going on a ride together where you may or may not get to hold hands (maybe for the first time even) is in and of itself worth the anticipation and annoyance of having to wait in line.

Ferris WheelPhoto Courtesy of Michel Dominguez


Family Outing

Thankfully, Astoria has always been a family friendly neighborhood. The carnival in the park is no different. Children run around in the safety of the park with awe on their faces looking up at the lights and magical mechanics of the rides, games, food stands, you name it.

Water GunsPhoto Courtesy of Michel Dominguez

Friends Night Out

There’s no better way to spend a night than goofing off with your friends. Add a carnival and what more can you ask for? The daring each other to go on wild rides, competing in silly games, and eating  food that will make you the sickest or the fastest are historical moments in the making of a long friendship.

Cady FactoryPhoto Courtesy of Michel Dominguez

Sibling Bonding

This is basically the same as friends goofing off but with higher stakes. After all, you are family.

Carnival Under a BridgePhoto Courtesy of Michel Dominguez

Wild Card: Scavenger Hunt

Get with your friends, family, loved ones, significant others, etc. and make some teams. Put a list of hilarious, scary, fun things to do—like going through an entire ride with your hands up the entire time or going through that haunted house, etc.—and hand it out to each team. Make sure you get photographic evidence and maybe even invent a hashtag for easy access. The pictures will be unforgettable and you’ll have them forever. Winning team should get a kick ass prize like watching the other team members compete in a funnel cake eating contest.


What’s your favorite thing to do at the Carnival? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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