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Feb 11, 2015

Astoria Arrivals: Fusion Juice Bar

On an icy frigid day, Meg, Marielle—our amazing food photographer—and I slipped and slided our way along the frozen sidewalks to check out Fusion Juice Bar. When we walked into (…)

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Fusion Juice_Top Sellers

Image by Marielle Solan

On an icy frigid day, Meg, Marielle—our amazing food photographer—and I slipped and slided our way along the frozen sidewalks to check out Fusion Juice Bar. When we walked into the bright green space and smelled the fresh fruits and vegetables we left the ice and snow behind. It was just what we needed.

Fusion’s owner Florentino Ortega, has been mixing, blending, and serving up fresh organic juices and smoothies in several different locations in Astoria and Manhattan for a while now. They are a great addition to the 31st Ave area (it’s tucked a little off to the side on 38th Street) and we left feeling energized and full of freshness. Check out some of the highlights of the Fusion menu below.

Acai Bowl_Fusion Juice

Image by Marielle Solan

First up we had one of Fusion’s best sellers, the original Açai Bowl. In it, you’ll find a layer of deep purple blended açai, topped with fresh bananas, blueberries, raspberries, and a crunchy layer of granola. -Emily

You know, I had heard of açai for years but hadn’t really eaten much of it, so it was a real treat to finally taste it. It was fruity and a little tangy, and I am a fan of tangy fruity things. The fresh berries were really nice on a frozen day like we had, and I also liked the crunchy granola on top. This bowl was full of textural contrasts, which gets a thumbs up from me. -Meg

This was delicious and filling enough for a stand-alone lunch or breakfast. -Marielle

Fusion Juice_Shots

Image by Marielle Solan

Next up we had a round of shots—make that, healthy juice shots! Fusion offers the wheatgrass standard, which did not disappoint. The larger wheatgrass shot (bright green) on the right is the Xtra Fusion which adds ginger, lemon, and cayenne to the sweet wheatgrass juice; I didn’t love the Xtra Fusion, as it was a little strange for my tastes. -Emily

My favorite was the combo of ginger, turmeric, and lemon, which was spicy and tart at the same time. It really did wake me up, but in a good way. I like how the ginger is nice and warming and continues to warm your chest for minutes after you down the shot. I’d also try a straight ginger shot, too (ask for it, I expect they’ll do it for you). -Meg

I did however really enjoy the super boosts—the two yellow shots, which blends together various mixtures of fresh turmeric, ginger, lemon, and cayenne. These things are no joke; they will put hair on your chest. The ginger and turmeric warmed my heart, like my heart felt warm—which wasn’t a bad thing on a freezing cold day. -Emily

The ginger/tumeric juice shot was my favorite of the juices, it warmed the throat and belly on a cold day! -Marielle

Fusion Juice_Detox

Image by Marielle Solan

The Fat-Reducer juice is made with pineapple, cucumber, ginger and lemon. Pineapple juice is my jam. Fresh, fruity and easy to drink. -Emily


Image by Marielle Solan

The Fat-Burner is made with pineapple, blueberries, banana, acai juice, and lean one protein. I didn’t realize it when I drank it, but this is my husband’s favorite drink! He always picks up a Fat-Burner after doing a class at Simply Cycle. It’s really fresh and the pineapple gives it a lovely sweetness. -Emily

Berry-based smoothies are the way I like to go with smoothies in general, so this hit my smoothie sweet spot. I’d definitely get this again. -Meg

Fusion_Fat Burner

Image by Marielle Solan

The Hulk is big and green! Made with celery, kale, spinach, green apples, and cucumber. -Emily

Fusion_Almond Butter Bowl

Image by Marielle Solan

As much as I enjoyed the original acai bowl, I LOVED the Almond Butter bowl. Made with the same açai base, the additions are almond butter, coconut flakes, granola, and raw honey. This would be perfect for breakfast, a healthy afternoon snack; really I could eat this all day. -Emily

Yes, I liked the first açai bowl, but this one with the almond butter I liked even better! And it has coconut, one of the world’s best foods, IMO. I like the extra protein from the almond butter, too. I could see eating this for a meal. -Meg

Thanks again to the Fusion Juice Bar team for treating us to these fresh and healthy treats. If you don’t feel like braving the winter elements to check them out-they deliver with grubHub.

Fusion Juice Bar, 30-93 38th Street, Astoria, 347-642-5351,, Facebook

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Yay! So glad you gave this place a try! I’ve gone a few times and really enjoyed it so I hope this gets the word out to other juice-loving astorians.


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