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Dec 17, 2014

Rumor – Is Marketa Closing?

There are rumors that Marketa restaurant on 30th Avenue in Astoria will be closing. Learn more about their future plans.

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Photo credit: Marketa

Keeping an eye on 30th Avenue lately, we noticed that Marketa has been closed to the public.  Through recent Facebook posts, we see they’re closed for the holidays, hosting a few private parties and such.  Promising to keep Astoria posted about when they’ll re-open again, we’ve been wondering the same thing and through the grapevine heard they may close their doors after the new year.  Still just a rumor, we wanted to put it out there and see if you’ve heard differently and to share any news we can then share back through the blog.

marketa-astoriaWe’ve enjoyed dining here over the last year and would hate to see this place go, but are always interested about the future.  Drop us a note if you know more, Astoria!

Marketa37-17 30th Avenue, Astoria 



Since they fired all their staff, I would be curious what kind of “private parties” they are hosting (they were dark all week). Why do owners have to lie like that is beyond me.


For the first time in months there were lights on in the oyster cafe last night. Still closed though…


I live near Marketa and walk by them daily. They haven’t hosted a single holiday party yet. In fact, in the past day or so they’ve put up black stickers on most of their windows so you can’t see in. But from the bit I can see, it looks like they’ve left everything as is–bottles at the bar, place mats and candles on the table, etc…


Good! They were too expensive for the mediocre food and service. Hope we get a Trader Joes, but no more froyo’s and burgers please!!


damn I haven’t tried this place yet. Beautiful space.

Any word on that Oyster Cafe of New York? Still closed.


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