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Dec 11, 2014

12 Days of Giveaways, Day 9-Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company

Today’s giveaway winner will be the toast of their next family gathering or an office meeting. Our friends at Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company Catering are giving away their Continental (…)

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We Heart Astoria 12 DAYS GIVEAWAYS-01

Today’s giveaway winner will be the toast of their next family gathering or an office meeting. Our friends at Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company Catering are giving away their Continental Supreme Breakfast. This supreme meal will serve 10 people and includes; an assortment of mini hand-rolled, kettleboiled bagels

Brooklyn Bagel_12 Daysand cream cheese spreads.

Brooklyn Bagel_Cream Cheese SpreadsAs a special 12 Days of Giveaways bonus you’ll also get a smoked salmon platter (whitefish salad & veggies are also provided).

Smoked Salmon_Brooklyn BagelThis giveaway also includes a  fresh-cut fruit salad, muffins & croissants. Last but certainly not least breakfast blend coffees & Tropicana orange juice will also be included. Brooklyn Bagel_Muffins
Good luck! (36-14 30th Ave, Astoria)
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My office would love me for this! Plus we happen to be just 10 people. It’s meant to be! :)


I could love to share this bagels with my family, there coming from Costa Rica for Christmas in NYC!!!


I love Brooklyn Bagel!! The staff is always so nice and helpful. We picked up some goodies for our friends/family to enjoy when they arrived for our wedding weekend and of course, they were a hit!! Would love to share friends again!!


I would love to this breakfast with my family. We won’t all be able to get together this Christmas and this would make a nice pre-Christmas brunch at my apartment <3


I live across from Brooklyn Bagel and go all the time! I’d love to throw a get together for friends in the neighborhood.


I’d have a party with ghost themed and invite all my friends that I’ve made and love and wish to enjoy time with and bagels of course lol anyone who wins this for sure will have an amazing time it’s so simple and sweet yet so important to spend time with people you love


Can’t go wrong with Brooklyn Bagel. I don’t think I knew they catered, though. Good to know!

Tanya A

I would treat my roommates and all my grad school Astoria friends as a celebration for finishing our finals!


I’ve been meaning to go here for so long, but usually I’m too lazy and go to the bagel place that is closer. A free meal and friends would be double incentive!


Yummy bagels and this would be a great gift to give the teachers at my daughter’s school!


Struggling between wanting to eat the entire breakfast on my own vs sharing it with my coworkers. Choices, choices…


I am obsessed with BK Bagel as are all my friends. Best bagel in the city hands down! My best friend who used to live in Astoria moved to LA, and he will be visiting in a couple weeks. This would be the perfect “welcome back” gift I could think of!


I’m always spreading the word of the greatness that is Brooklyn Bagel. If I won I could invite everyone over for a tasting party :)


I’d treat my old Astoria roommate who moved out of the neighborhood in order to convince her to move back!!


I would love to share this yummy meal with my co-workers and friends next week before the holidays!!!


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