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Dec 05, 2014

12 Days of Giveaways, Day 5-60 Beans

  Our first week of giveaways is now complete, but we’re ending on a caffeine high thanks to 60 Beans (one of our favorite neighborhood coffee shops)! Today’s giveaway winner (…)

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We Heart Astoria 12 DAYS GIVEAWAYS-01Our first week of giveaways is now complete, but we’re ending on a caffeine high thanks to 60 Beans (one of our favorite neighborhood coffee shops)!

60 Beans_Home Brew KitToday’s giveaway winner will receive a 60 Beans homebrew kit which has everything you need to make great coffee at home. After grinding fresh coffee beans, place 3 tablespoons in a paper filter. Then pour 12 oz of boiling water in a circular motion to ensure even particle extraction. Beautiful set up and delicious coffee!

working-side-spirit-espresso-machine-60-beans-ditmars-astoria-queensYou should keep this fabulous giveaway for yourself (I would!), but if you’re looking for a great coffee gift this holiday season, check out our 60 Beans gift recommendation in our Holiday Gift Guide.

Good luck & happy home brewing! (36-02 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria)

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Tanya A

It would be awesome to win this – I’ve just started to home brew and this would be a great treat!


60 Beans has been such an awesome addition to the neighborhood. Would love to learn to make my own 60 Beans-inspired coffee


How’s this: even though I would love to win the coffee making kit, I would STILL go to 60 Beans.


This set is awesome! I will have to check 60 Beans out! I’ve never been there and I loooove coffee!


Love love 60 Beans (almost as much as I love coffee but since coffee came first…) Great place and great prize!


I LOVE 60 Beans! It’s right down the street from me and my favorite Astoria coffee shop!

If I don’t win there is no right in this world!!! Too dramatic? I don’t care I love their coffee and am in it to win it! :)


I spend so much of my time here using up their wifi and getting jittery off of their delicious coffee, would love to enjoy their coffee at home as well


Coffee is my lifeblood. Needless to say, this is life sustaining. Would love to spread some coffee love.

Samantha R.

My little sister would LOVE this! Would love to include it as part of her xmas gift!

Jessica Champagne

What a great giveaway! So excited to have such lovely coffee shops in the neighborhood.


My morning ritual consists of making coffee, bringing it to work, and enjoying about 20 minutes of quiet sipping and email checking before the insanity begins. A home-brew kit would make this routine even better!


I love the coffee wave washing Astoria. Can’t wait to try 60 Beans, and I’d love that home-brew kit!!


Just went to 60 Beans for the first time the other day. It’s lovely! Looking forward to next time!


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