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Dec 01, 2014

12 Days of Giveaways, Day 1-Bareburger

Last week we launched the start of our EPIC Holiday: Part Deux-a full scale blitz on all things Holiday! (Did you check out the first installment of our holiday gift (…)

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We Heart Astoria 12 DAYS GIVEAWAYS-01Last week we launched the start of our EPIC Holiday: Part Deux-a full scale blitz on all things Holiday! (Did you check out the first installment of our holiday gift guide?)  What’s the most EPIC part of the We Heart Astoria holiday season? The annual 12 Days of Giveaways of course! Check back in each weekday to hear about the latest and greatest gifts that our partners want to give you, our readers. Lets get the giveaways going!

Bareburger Gift Cards

Bareburger is not only organic and delicious; they are also a home grown institution (plus they just launched a new menu). Who better to jump start our 12 Days of Giveaways?? Up for grabs, not one, but two $100 gift cards!! The giveaway magic doesn’t end there!

Bareburger-California-Small-SaladTweet about this giveaway and you could win a Bareburger Coffee/Tea Mug direct from Holiday Gift Guide: Part 1! We’re giving away two-so get-to-tweeting. FYI you must tweet through the handy widget below! That’s the only way we can pick a random Tweeter. Good luck & happy 12 Days of Giveaways! (33-21 31st Ave, Astoria & 23-01 31st St, Astoria)

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My mouth is watering just thinking about having a burger with a milkshake. I love Bareburger!


Love Bareburger! We can take anyone and even the pickiest eaters find something they like. And oh yeah, the MILKSHAKES!!


I would love to win because my boyfriend and I both love Bareburger and his birthday is coming up soon O:).


It was the first restaurant I went to when I moved to Astoria and now I go back all the time.


Listen, I’m not gonna kiss anyone’s butt here. Bareburger don’t need a bunch of silly web comments assure themselves that they’re the best carnivore palace in town. They already know they are.

By the way, this TOTALLY doesn’t count as butt kissing!

Brian C

BECAUSE THEIR SPECIAL SAUCE IS AWESOME! I go there all the time and my friend just moved across the street so I’m just going to go even more and I really need the gift card so I can still pay rent while maintaining my bareburger to income ratio!


Oh my goodness! Because the peanut butter milkshake is to die for! And my sister loves Bareburger, she’ll be visiting me this Christmas!=]


i hope i win because whenever i go, great memories and amazing food come out of bareburger and nothing less!!


i would loooove to win this because i live a block away from the first bareburger in astoria and only good memories and great food come out of bareburger!!!


The new menu is DELISH, and I’d love to go back and spend my $100 on their pickles ;).

George sticos

I’ve been a fan of bear burger for couple of years now – best burgers in town!!!


Always loved them but recently discovered I have Celiac’s so it is a great place for me and my family to go and everyone enjoys the meal!


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