Nov 06, 2014

Sekend Sun Bar Opens Friday

Thanks to a WHA reader, we were tipped off to Sekend Sun‘s opening this Friday evening! Sekend Sun is taking over the old Veslo space on Broadway and we can only (…)

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Photo credit: Gabi Porter

Thanks to a WHA reader, we were tipped off to Sekend Sun‘s opening this Friday evening! Sekend Sun is taking over the old Veslo space on Broadway and we can only imagine how different the vibe will be in this new place. We reached out to the folks at Sekend Sun and learned more about the food and drink offerings, and some of the owners’ thoughts on their second bar in NYC (their first is Ba’sik in Brooklyn). As we mentioned, the bar opens Friday, November 7 and will offer seasonal cocktails and beer, as well as some food. Owner Jay Zimmerman created the cocktail menu, and the drinks aim to include fresh ingredients. A couple of the libations we can look forward to include:

  • Black Baby Grand—Jameson Irish Whiskey, China China Amer, Orange Flower Water, Barrel Aged Angostura Bitters and a Sugar cube
  • Remember Dead River—Old Overholt Rye Whiskey, Cocchi Di Torino Sweet Vermouth, Lapsang Souchong Cherry Heering, Absinthe and Angostura Bitters)

Beer offerings will include brews from local brewery Singlecut to the more lowbrow Stroh’s. Cider will also be available. The food menu—including the late night bar menu— was developed by Executive Chef Gary Tackett (Executive Sous Chef at Locande Verde, Sous Chef at Convivio) and include:

  • Snacks—Shishito Peppers; Hand-cut Tater Tots
  • Sekends—Arugula Salad with Apples, Raisins and Pecans; Buffalo Fried Oysters with Corn Pudding
  • Mains—Pumpkin Gnocchi with Sage Brown Butter; Shrimp n Grits with Andouille Gravy

As for the design of the space, the owners looked to Emporium Design to create a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. There’s a big picture window in the front, and inside you’ll find whitewashed walls, exposed brick, wood, and metal, as well as art deco light fixtures. There’s a bar up front and a dining room in the back, and furniture includes a large communal table and leather bar banquettes. There’s also a back garden that will be open in the warmer months. They’ve planned for about 64 seats in the space.

Derrek Vernon, one of the owners says, “We’re creating the bar that we think the neighborhood wants, but we’re also listening to what the neighborhood tells us it wants. Sekend Sun is cocktail-friendly, not forward. We put out quality food from a modest menu and want to provide our guests with solid options so they don’t have to go anywhere else.”

Jay Zimmerman says, “Astoria is a burgeoning area in the culinary and cocktail scene with an incredibly diverse community. We’re excited to be opening here and we’re looking forward to meeting the neighborhood.” In case you’re wondering about the name, Sekend Sun “references giving birth to their second bar (and both gentlemen happen to be the second sons in their respective families).”

We definitely look forward to checking it out.

Sekend Sun, 32-11 Broadway, Astoria, New York 11106,

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