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Oct 15, 2014

The Second Best Thrift Shop Is Going Out of Business

Gotta love that sign, especially as we near Halloween. We heard through the grapevine that The Second Best Thrift Shop on Astoria Blvd near 31st Street is going out of (…)

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Gotta love that sign, especially as we near Halloween.

We heard through the grapevine that The Second Best Thrift Shop on Astoria Blvd near 31st Street is going out of business. We called to confirm and it is indeed true; apparently they lost their lease. They’ll be open for 7 more days and are selling everything off, from clothes to furniture, comic books to magazines, and more. The notable quote in this whole thing is “Everything must go, including the kitchen sink.”

I do wonder what will go in that space. Coincidentally, it’s right across form the new Starbucks, surely a sign that this bit of Astoria is starting to gentrify.

Second Best Thrift Shop, 30-07 Astoria Blvd, Astoria NY 11105

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I’m also happy to see them go. Their store was dirty and gross before they had animals there. I can’t imagine what it was like afterward.


That place is terrible, especially since they had animals in bad conditions. I’ll just be sad that a part of the opening credits to King of Queens will be gone.


Good riddance. That store is an absolute mess; merchandise (much of it broken) was piled up everywhere. And, the last time we stopped by they were using half the store to sell exotic birds (probably illegally).


Yeah, I always wondered if the animals they kept in cages there (dogs in addition to the birds) were being treated properly. It made me uneasy once they started having them there.

It did often have the most random and interesting things to look at as you walked by at least.

Sad for the owners, but I’ll be interested to see what they put in there next. Hopefully a business that I would have a reason to go to.


Ever been there? It is the most expensive thrift store I’ve EVER seen! I’ve inquired a few times about items and was blown away at the amount of money they wanted.


I agree, they wanted something like $200 for a turntable that didn’t have a cartridge, and wouldn’t plug in to show that it worked. I always felt dirty leaving, and while I was there, I felt like everything was going to topple onto me, killing me.


it is because of greedy landlords. ever notice all the places that open and close on Steinway each year. the businesses invest all they have to start up only to find the business traffic doesn’t support the rent. even the big business chains fail because the customer base doesn’t support big business in the area.

jonathan dough

That doesn’t sound like greedy landlords so much as unintelligent business people. If the business traffic does not support the rent, don’t agree to pay that rent.


The 99 cent store next door (Super Saver) is closing at the end of the month too. The owner told me he decided not to renew his lease (too expensive).


I am sorry to hear this. I wonder if El Cafetal – pretty decent Mexican food in an unassuming atmosphere (I like the sopes there) – up the street will be able to hang on. There is quite a bit of development happening nearby on both Astoria Blvd and 31st Street. Perhaps the landlords are banking on this element to bring in future tenants that can pay the $$$. Thanks, Dana, for the additional info.


They do serve a purpose for a number of people in Astoria, from all walks of life. It means an independent business owner and their family are taking a financial hit. And it’s more evidence of the changes that are coming because of all the development that is set for that little corner of town. I’m sure curious to see what will be in its place.


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