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Sep 08, 2014

TRU Astoria Opening on Ditmars Blvd at 36th Street

This post has been edited. A while back we mentioned that the folks from Avenue Cafe were opening up a new spot on Ditmars, and we now know the name—TRU (…)

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This post has been edited.

A while back we mentioned that the folks from Avenue Cafe were opening up a new spot on Ditmars, and we now know the name—TRU Astoria.

We spoke to Mike and Louis, two of the owners of TRU, and they told us that their menu will be built around a Mediterranean/New European flavor profile (it was impressed upon me that it will not be specifically a Greek restaurant), and the menu offerings will be quite extensive. They will offer food throughout the day—which goes from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.—including full breakfast that will extend into the lunch hours; sandwiches, salads, and the like for lunch; dinner entrees (their lemon chicken sounds like it will be a real winner); and a late night menu. Vegetarians and vegans will also be accommodated. (We asked specifically because we know this is a big deal for Astorians these days!) For the next couple of weeks they’ll be doing a lot of tasting to find the right kinds of dishes to include on the menu.

As for liquor, they plan to offer 10-12 signature cocktails, and wine and beer will also be available.

The long side of the cafe along 36th Street will be perfect for outside cafe seating, and the owners plan to have about 54 outdoor cafe seats along the perimeter.


Inside there will be room for about 70 people, including at the bar and at tables. I noticed that there is a sound system, and learned that they have made an extra effort to thickly insulate the ceiling to keep down the sound for the tenants above. I also liked hearing that they plan to keep the music a little on the lower side during dinner, which will be more conducive to conversation over a good meal.

Over the weekend I peeked in the window and saw that the interior had changed drastically, and I was able to step inside this week to see the modern yet comfortable look of the place. There is a lot of wood and tile, soft lighting, a beautiful polished stone bar on the left, and the owners were aiming to have a variety of earth tones throughout.

One very cool detail is that the ceiling’s black and white pattern is mirrored on the floor, except in reverse. So, where it’s black on the ceiling, it’s white on the floor, and vice-versa. Their designer came up with that idea, and I think it’s a really creative design element.

The space actually takes up what was three storefronts, not just the jewelry shop as we first believed. There was also an attorney’s office and an accountant, and those have been added to the length of the place.

Above all, Mike and Louis want this space to be a welcoming, comfortable, and enjoyable one for the neighborhood. They want you to come in and have a good time with delicious food and drink in beautiful surroundings, and for you to come back. Hospitality is a very important element at TRU, and they look forward to making you feel at home.

They are looking at a late September opening and are very excited to be up here on Ditmars. We’ll check it out when they open their doors!

TRU Astoria, 35-19 Ditmars Blvd., Astoria, NY 11105,, Facebook, Twitter

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Satisfied Customer

I went to this place a few times and I am very satisfied. I went there for dinner, drinks, and coffee on separate occasions and I enjoyed all of the experiences. I found the staff was very friendly and also thought the customer service was great.

Lee Bogler

Appalled Neighbor is right!
There’s always people smoking in front any leaving their butts everywhere.
The receptionists have attitude.
Can’t wait for this to go soon.

Appalled Neighbor

So far the clientele and the workers are not showing any respect for the neighborhood. They keep the outdoors filthy and I have witnessed taunting of neighbors by employees. They don’t seem to know you don’t shit where you eat.

Letme Beheard

I live upstairs from this place and let me tell you, we are not happy about this establishment. We were told at first that it would be like a cafe or brunch place. But, it seems like now we are seeing a lounge with reverberating stumping sound or music below us. And it goes on way after midnight.


I cannot wait for Tru Astoria to open up. I believe it will bring a lot more life to Ditmars Blvd. We need a place like this. The more Greek, the better, your in Astoria, like c’mon what’s better than a Greek café? Lets go Tru!


I had to post, because I hate when people associated with a new place post spam on all these boards trying to drum up interest. John Mcgarry has a similar post on Astorians, and should just go away

John mcgarry

very excited for Tru to open, I work on Ditmars and it will definitly add to the blvd’s revitalization, we definitly need a place to enjoy a drink, some great food and to hang out with friends and meet new ones! It’s great that we are getting so many different places to go!!!!!


That’s what I’m saying. Astoria is diverse and if you take all those things that attracted people to Astoria in the first place. You know the old world shops, bakeries, etc… then it just becomes another Williamsburg for example.


What’s wrong with Park slope?? It’s beatiful there.
What attracted me to Astoria is it’s diversity.


What? If anything a few have closed (Uncle Georges among others) so we need a few to open and replace them. What attracted me first to Astoria is the Greek food and culture. If all that goes away I might as well move to Park Slope.

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