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Sep 18, 2014

Heart of 30th Avenue

A fun 30th Avenue illustration map of all the places on 30th Avenue that we heart (includes, shops, restaurants, businesses, and general places of interest).

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It’s with great pleasure that we introduce a new series of articles (and maps) we’ll be rolling out around Astoria locales we heart.  Whether its Ditmars, 30th Avenue, Broadway or beyond, these major arteries are the heartbeat of our neighborhood and house some of the most interesting restaurants, shops and local businesses that make Astoria so special. In our first “Heart of” post, we bring you this playful yet informative map of some of our favorite places on 30th Avenue, as illustrated by the talented Kristen Long.


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And not to leave anyone out, we asked you what comes to mind when you think of 30th Avenue.  Here’s what Astorians had to say:

Ayana Davis Bargain Stop! Everything you need to decorate your apartment on a budget.
Christine Shaffer Elliniki Agora, that’s the Greek Fruit market. It is still there, right?
Amy Litt Soriso’s Italian Pork Store. The best eggplant parm and fresh pasta anywhere.
Alexia Myrto Mak OVELIA
Kim Bell Dining al fresco! Sidewalks and gardens
Ashley Zayas The best place to live ever!!! 
Richard Goldsmith We still have wonderful mom and pop shops.
Jenny H La Diversity.
Aryn Morse Rudy’s, and all the froyo places
Nooshig Kertoyan Brunch brunch brunch

Chime in with more comments and let us know what you heart about 30th Avenue.



Incomplete map….What about the vegetarian places like Jujube Tree?. Remember too much meat intake equal cancer !


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