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Aug 19, 2014

Explore a New Dinner Menu at Bowery Bay

Highlights from Bowery Bay’s new dinner menu reveal duck nachos, grilled peaches with ricotta, a delicious Scottish Salmon dish and more.

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Recently paying a visit to Bowery Bay, the We Heart Astoria crew got a sampling of some of their new dinner dishes.  The experience was a delicious feast and it whet our appetite to return in the future.  Here’s a run down of our most beloved moments of the evening:

Even before we get into the food, we’d like to share a few thoughts about the atmosphere, which remains casual and pleasant as its long-time predecessor, Bistro 33.  Sure they’ve eliminated a few things such as a portion of the outdoor seating, but overall the interior remains cozy and perfect for small groups.  The overall vibe connotes more of a gastropub feel, which is nice, and they’ve even added a few vintage touches such as a reclaimed bar and old church pews that were oddly comfortable.

The crowd is diverse and composed of couples, singles dining at the bar or small groups of friends.  Overall, it seems that the neighborhood hangout feel has been preserved, and on any given night you can find a few loyal regulars.

Sampling a little bit of everything on the new dinner menu, Mackenzi, Emily and I got a feel for what to expect – and what we’ll order next time.

The Flatbread

bowery-bay-flatbreadCheesy delicious flat bread with a well-done, charred crust was a great way to start this meal – the russet colored prosciutto adding a hint of smokiness.  Mackenzi mentioned she had food envy after seeing this, as she’s a veggie and would’ve appreciated the dish without the ham, which seems to be doable.

Grilled Peaches with Ricotta

grilled-peaches-goat-cheeseA perfect way to celebrate summer, these grilled peaches with a side of homemade ricotta cheese are a cross between an app and dessert.  We loved the tenderness of the peaches and their caramelized exterior, which reminds one of summer BBQs.  It was fun to stack the little well-done toasts with a generous smear of the cheese and then topping them off with a peach.

Shrimp Etouffee

shrimp-etouffeeHappy to see that Chef Gary is still serving up dishes that put him on the map at Bistro 33, this shrimp etouffee is an example of that.  The spicy gumbo which serves as the base for this comforting dish offers an explosion of flavors and a nice accompaniment for the perfectly cooked shrimp and white rice.

Scottish Salmon

scottish-salmonEven Mackenzi who usually shies away from dishes like these had a bite and appreciated the thoughtful way in which it was prepared.  We were all big fans of the crispy salmon skin and the tender meaty middle. The whole dish was well rounded and flavorful, and anchored by fresh, seasonal veggies such as this vibrant spinach.

Duck Nachos

duck-nachos-bowery-bayImpressed by the sheer amount of ingredients in this thing, these were no ordinary nachos.  Loving the decadent duck leg that rested on top, it was nice to break apart the meat and scoop it up with this bright bevy of things such as blue corn chips, smoky gouda cheese, thin strips of watermelon radish, and zesty lime creme fraiche.

Dark Chocolate Souffle

dark-chocolate-souffleAlthough far from edgy, this classic chocolate dessert was a total win.  We simply couldn’t stop dipping our spoons into that soft, pillowy middle that was oozing with tart raspberry sauce.  Of course Chef Gary had to elevate this classic and we’re happy to report sweet success.

Blue Cheese Cake with Blueberries

IMG_6444Not for the faint of heart, this dessert is for serious stinky cheese lovers.  Luckily I fall into this category and simply devoured its tangy, sharp and slightly sweet flavor, laced with a velvety blueberry sauce and little pieces of bright blueberries for texture.

Ginger Beer Margarita

ginger-beer-margaritaJust like the food, the cocktails were also tasty, especially this ginger beer margarita, which wasn’t overly sweet and ended each sip on a gingery note.  Mackenzi and Emily tried it as well and loved it – ordering one as their second drink.

Service and Cost:
We heart the friendly casual service and the knowledge that the staff has about the menu.  Chef Gary came out a few times and told us a few kitchen secrets, which revealed a bevy of fresh locally sourced ingredients that we’re always down with.

Costs fall into the following categories:

Apps – $10 – $18
Snacks – $6 – $8
Entrees/Sandwiches – $9-$25

Bowery Bay19-33 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria. 718.721.1933


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