Jul 22, 2014

A First Look at the New 60 Beans Coffeehouse Space on Ditmars

Last week, Emily and I spent some time at 60 Beans, the new third-wave coffeehouse opening up on Ditmars and 36th Street. Things were still under construction but we were (…)

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Last week, Emily and I spent some time at 60 Beans, the new third-wave coffeehouse opening up on Ditmars and 36th Street. Things were still under construction but we were able to get some photos of the space and design. The designer, by the way, is Chris Kolfitsas, who designed both Sweet Spot on 31st Street, as well as ABC Kitchen in the city. Elements present at 60 Beans include a repurposed wood-clad exterior, two marble bars, large wrought iron pieces on the wall, vintage tile, teak floorboards, and more.

Here you can see on the Ditmars Blvd side of this corner building the bi-folding windows and marble bar extending past the limits of the walls. This way people inside can enjoy the fresh air, and if you just want to stand and have an espresso before you head out, you an do that supported by a gorgeous piece of marble. You can also see the wood-clad exterior here, made from repurposed wood. Hi Emily!


Here’s a shot past the corner, with the 60 Beans logo above the windows.


This is the long way along 36th Street. The owners want to have cafe seating here the length of the property. The window openings are new.


The door frame here is the original door frame, decades old at this point. The door, however, is new.


Here’s the entry tile, which is apparently vintage.


A look toward the back, where there is a new tin ceiling.


A detail of the shiny tin ceiling.


The vertical brick work is original and they liked it so much they decided to keep it.


This hand made wrought iron covers most of this east wall.


Another look more head on.


Seating up front. They also plan to have a long table down the center of the space with seating.


A display case for pastries. The owners are quite fond of the pastry work at Ceci-Cela.


Midway through the room is this fireplace, which can be enjoyed on either side. Display shelves will be constructed to its left.


And here’s the espresso machine, made custom for 60 Beans by Spirit, a Dutch company.


Here’s what the baristas will be working with.


In addition to espresso, they’ll do pourovers and drip. While we were there, a tap system was being installed, which will dispense cold-brew coffee, beer, and wine.

Love this corner seat.


Here’s a little more of that spot.


Here’s the seating in the back.


Above it is a ceiling made from the endcaps of 2×2 wooden pieces.


There’s a very nice chevron floor back there, too.


Check out these pulley lights up front, too.


All in all we love the look of the place and are definitely excited to see it in its final form. Stay tuned!

60 Beans, 36-02 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria, NY 11105, Twitter

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Melissa Wolf

I’m so excited about the interior of 60 Beans! I am an artist and the beauty and detail of the Arts & Crafts movement and Art Nouveau inspire my creativity. In addition I love coffee – although I can no longer drink it – and tea. We live down the block and I have high hopes. Looks like they’ll meet those hopes and more.


Hopefully all of these coffee places opening up will thin out the herd of laptop hobos over at NYCB&CH


Perhaps 60 beans is the same owner of NYCB&CH so I guess you should keep dealing with the hobos in Astoria. otherwise go back to NJ Guido.


Broadway is falling behind! I have to say Ditmars Blvd. is in first place, then 30th Avenue, Broadway, 31st Avenue ,23rd Ave and finally Astoria blvd.


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