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May 29, 2014

Sweet Jane’s Frozen Desserts to Open in Astoria This Weekend

We’ve learned that a new ice cream shop is going to open… in the space of a former ice cream shop. Sweet Jane’s Frozen Desserts is taking over the location (…)

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Two fans of Sweet Jane’s Frozen Desserts.

We’ve learned that a new ice cream shop is going to open… in the space of a former ice cream shop. Sweet Jane’s Frozen Desserts is taking over the location of Mama’s New York Ices and Ice Cream, which sold homemade ices and mostly Sedutto ice cream (they had a couple of homemade flavors). This new business is the brainchild of creator, owner, and ice cream maven, Jane McGinn.

Sweet Jane’s plans to offer ices and ice cream as well as dairy-free ice cream and fudgesicles (made on premises). The public is invited to join the grand opening festivities on Saturday, May 31 at 1 p.m. at the shop, located at 27-17 24th Avenue. There will be a celebratory ribbon cutting and free samples of ice cream!

More on the concept behind Sweet Jane’s offerings, which are simultaneously healthy and indulgent, from Jane herself:

“I believe we can treat ourselves and indulge ourselves while respecting our world as well. I became hungry to share my love of great desserts with others and began to create dairy-free ice creams from almond, coconut and soy milk, striving to use the finest, non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients. One of the sweetest pleasures in life is chocolate and ice cream, so I wanted to make the best fudgesicles in the world and I’ve done that. It’s creamy and dairy-free goodness that nourishes the soul and the body while respecting our environment. And it’s less than 120 calories per pop! My hope is to influence the traditional ice cream consumer to try my dairy-free ice cream and to win them over, one flavor at a time.”

Jane has decided to use recyclable or recycled serving supplies and green cleaning products at the shop, which is compatible with her efforts in sustainability. She also got her paints, cabinets, and countertops from Build It Green. The countertops in particular have an interesting story—they were once a bowling alley lane!

As for Sweet Jane’s product, flavors will change daily and include A Crazy Li’l Thing called Chocolate, Bohemian Raspberry, Mellow Mango, Rhubarb Strawberry Pie and Buzz Me Up Butter Cup. When it comes to her dairy ice creams, she is using non-rBST (no added bovine growth hormone) milk and organic ingredients. Her ices, which are still in development, will have no high fructose corn syrup in them, either.

Jane believes Astoria is eager for an establishment like Sweet Jane’s. “The neighborhood is hungering for a place where folks can drop in and experience a bit of summer, no matter what time of year it is.” I guess that means she’ll be open year-round!

We wish Jane all the best in her new ice cream shop and look forward to the grand opening on Saturday!

Sweet Jane’s Frozen Desserts, 27-17 24th Avenue, Astoria, NY 11102, Facebook, Twitter

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Rita Armstrong

This is some of the best ice cream I have ever had. The black raspberry is delicious, as is the peanut butter fudge. My son, an avid biker , swears by the watermelon sorbet…says it is perfect after a long ride.

I want these guys to succeed.. they are nice and the product is impressive!

Dave Roman

This is potentially great news! Astoria has been without a legit ice cream place since the loss of Emack & Bolio’s (back in 2006?) With the brief exception of Sidedoor, which never seemed to be open.


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