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Mar 10, 2014

Vote for the Best of Astoria 2014

Vote for your favorite Astoria businesses in the Best of Astoria 2014

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best-of-astoria-plainThe time has come for the voting to begin for the Best of Astoria, which include your favorite restaurants, cafes, bars, yoga studios and more. We can’t wait to learn about your favorites, and to announce them first at the BIG Best of Astoria bash at the Strand Smokehouse. We hope that you can join us, so please RSVP and reserve your tickets here – they’re going fast, so snatch them up so we can celebrate together. You have until Thursday, March 20th to cast your votes.

Let the voting begin here!



Rocky McBride’s is by far the best bar on the list…. They have free brunch on the weekends too!!


I love the Best of Astoria list! it was a huge help when I first moved here. Have you considered setting it up so people can’t vote twice? Seems like it might skew the results some years…

Raul Gamboa

Bikram Astoria is the best place to be.
The room is always clean, the space is excellent as the location and the most important the staff is always friendly, the teachers are very proffesional and their really care of every single student.
I highly recomend Bikram Yoga Astoria. I am so happy practicing at there!!


Although , i really wanted to see Love Cafe on Steinway under the newcomer list, maybe I don’t ;) Also, no BAI sushi!!? Really happy to see Bagels&Brew, amazing staff!!


The Strand should have definitely been mentioned for best brunch! Also for best bar (if they weren’t already).


Wow, if I had left Astoria for about five years and just came back, I would hardly know ANY of these nominations.


Where’s Sugar Freak?!? Best brunch and dinner ever. Also The Astor Room…best live music! I’m disappointed… :-(


Milkflower’s an awesome place all around. The setting is relaxing and tranquil, the staff’s terrific and the food is amazing!!!

Steve Vlkovic

Manager Rusty Culhane does a great job at The Shillelagh. He’s turned the place into a great venue to see up and coming bands.


Wow. Agree totally with Adrianna. Some very nice nominations, though I dont see a few of my favorites [ sad violin ]. No matter the results, Astoria wins every day.


trxfreely….many of my favorites aren’t here either. Some of the places here I have heard about but haven’t tried yet….gives me more motivation to do so, since they nominated for Astoria’s best


Whoever wins, they should all be proud of their nominations. Astoria has the best neighborhood ambiance ever, and our local businesses are amazing.


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