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Mar 16, 2014

Top 10 Pizzas in Astoria

Top 10 pizzas in Astoria, including classics and newcomers such as Michael Angelo’s, Antika, Tufino’s, Basil Brick Oven Pizza, Milkflower, Rizzo’s, Sac’s and more.

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Everyone loves a good pizza pie, and with so much goodness right here in Astoria, we thought to put together this top 10 list of best pizzas, including classics and newcomers. What are some of your favorite pizza spots in Astoria?

10. Via Trenta’s Vegetariana Pizza

Via Trenta PizzaIt’s all about the veggies in this cheese-less thin crust pie, boasting earth’s candy such as chunky eggplant, zucchini, baby artichokes and roasted peppers. 36-19 30th Avenue, Astoria. 718.545.2090

9. Antika’s Grandma Pizza

Image by Bradley Hawks

Image by Bradley Hawks

Antika is quickly becoming known for their old fashioned Grandma style square pizza. Meg is a big fan as she says  “it has a nice sauce, tasty cheese, and they make it with the little pepperoni that I like so much. And it’s one of the best pizzas I’ve eaten that reheats absolutely beautifully in a hot skillet.” 36-08 30th Avenue, Astoria. 718.545.0555

8.  Tufino’s Il Greco Pizza

Image by Bradley Hawks

Image by Bradley Hawks

For something a little unexpected, we suggest you try this spin on Greek pizza with a combination of fresh cheese, kalamata olives, oregano and  splash of lemon juice. The high quality ingredients, and the beautifully blistered crust really shine here! 36-08 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria. 718.278.4800

7.  Rose & Joe’s Sicilian Style Pizza

pan of pizza

The excellent bakery pizza at Rose and Joe’s.

Astoria’s most underrated pizza comes from this old timey Italian bakery, which also serves up delicious breads and pastries. If you go all the way to the back counter, you’ll find yourself admiring their old fashioned Sicilian slices that are baked in a big, seasoned  pan and loaded with lots of cheese and homemade tomato sauce – just like nonna makes it! 22-40 31st Street, Astoria. 718.721.9422

6. Sac’s Place Plain or Grandma Pizza

With deeply seated roots  from Italy’s Abruzzo region, the Sacramone family has been feeding Astorian mouths for several decades. We like to keep it simple with their plain or the grandma slice straight from their coal oven, showcasing simple but quality ingredients such as homemade mozzarella cheese and San Marzano tomatoes. 25-41 Broadway, Astoria. 718.204.5002

5. Vesta’s Hangover Pizza 

Hangover PizzaThere’s nothing like biting into this super thin crust beauty that includes all of your brunch essentials such as pancetta, sausage, potato, spicy tomato sauce and a fried egg on top. 21-02 30th Avenue, Astoria. 718.545.5550

4. Basil Brick Oven Pizza’s Basil Pizza

basil pizza
With no trace of red sauce, this green pizza shows off deliciously fresh ingredients such as homemade mozzarella, thin slices of oven baked rosemary potatoes and pine nuts on top of a bright  pesto sauce. You’ll love the thin delicious crust with little flecks of char on the outside. 28-17 Astoria Blvd, Astoria. 718.204.1205

3. Milkflower’s Hawaiian Pizza 

milkflower-hawaiian-pizza For Neapolitan pizza lovers, a visit to Milkflower is recommended, especially their non-traditional take on the Hawaiian, with ultra thin slices of pineapple, crisped prosciutto and jalapeno slivers. 34-12 31st Avenue, Astoria. 718.204.1300

2. Rizzo’s Plain Pizza

PizzaRizzosRizzo’s plain slice is a must in our book with homemade plum tomato sauce and a blend of sharp and mild cheeses on a signature deep dish crust. Manhattanites can also get Rizzo’s on the UES and LES, but we love our location in Astoria, which has been in business for 55 years! 30-13 Steinway Street, Astoria. 718.721.9862

1. Michael Angelo’s Sophia Loren Pizza

sophia loren pizza (1)Full of fresh ingredients such as mozz, garlic, basil and extra virgin olive oil, purists can’t go wrong with this classic pie.  We love it because it comes in a thin crust version too! 29-11 23rd Avenue, Astoria.  718.932.2096



Rizza’s Pizza (#2 on the list) doesn’t look like whats in the pic. It was pretty plain and underwhelming. #1 on the list was great.

charles merendino

i’m going way back in time i could smell and taste the square pizza from some store on ditmars blvd this pizza had or has clones traveling to other stores the time is around 1960 some of the stores which i swear are the same pizza were in the village east side manhattan i moved to phoenx in 1973 and a restaurant titled pizza’d amore served the exact same pizza i have not returned to ny in years could you tell me could you be the store i visited back around 1960 if there is a way i could have this pizza to die for please let me know any suggestions will be well appreciated yours truley chas merendino


basil’s carbonara and milkflower’s brussel sprout pies at least deserve an honorable mention!


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