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Mar 20, 2014

Astoria Arrivals: Astoria Bier and Cheese Ditmars First Look

Today was the soft opening at the new Astoria Bier and Cheese on Ditmars and I could not wait to check it out, so I headed over there a little after (…)

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Today was the soft opening at the new Astoria Bier and Cheese on Ditmars and I could not wait to check it out, so I headed over there a little after noon. I found that it resembles the Broadway location quite a bit, though is perhaps a little smaller in the dining area. It’s setup, though, is pretty familiar if you’ve spent any time over there—seating in the front, taps on the right wall, a bar, beer and sundries on the left, and cases for cheese and charcuterie on the right. There’s also an area in the back to make grilled sandwiches and bread, too.

The folks that run the place are also involved with the Broadway Silk Shop. The owner was there welcoming everyone who stepped in, which was a really nice touch. I ended up buying some cheese (Jersey Girl, a raw cow’s milk cheese, delicious) from Yang, the owner at the Broadway location. They gave me a taste of the cheese, which was a help in confirming that I definitely wanted this balanced, grassy cheese.

Here are some photos of the new space.


Pantry items and canned goods like cajeta, pickles, mixers, and the like.


Lots of different kinds of bottled beer in the fridge.


Six packs and larger bottles of beer and cider.


Meats and cheeses that need refrigeration, located in the back.


One of two cases for cheese from all over the world.


Delicious cured meats.


Sweet things, too! The Bear Paws are delicious.


The day’s beer and cider on tap.

Note on the taps below that the growler prices are noted above—the top number is for the larger growler (64oz) and the bottom number is for the smaller growler (32oz).


The taps!

As is the case in the Broadway location, you can order things to eat with your beer, including a giant delicious carby pretzel, cheese and meat plates, and sandwiches, some of which are grilled. I chose the Duet, which is made from ScharfeMaxx (a wonderfully pungent swiss cheese) and Prosciutto di Parma. It’s served on Amy’s Bread and I found it to be absolutely delicious. I liked how it was served with a few pickled vegetables, offsetting the richness.


I had it with a glass of McKenzies seasonal reserve cider, which was explained to me as “sweet, like a glass of apple pie.” It was sweet, but not cloyingly so, and actually pretty light. I think it went well with my sandwich. The photo is of the glass about half empty, I was enjoying it so much before I thought to take a picture.


My view from the bar to the street.

Here are the menus, in case you’re curious.


Snacks and cheese/charcuterie plates


Mmm… sandwiches…

They are in soft opening mode for the time being. But everything seems to be up and running—credit cards are accepted, waitstaff/bartenders are hired, beer/cider is pouring and grilled sandwiches are grilling. They have plans to work on the backyard space, so outdoor seating will be in our future come later this spring.

I had a very positive experience and can’t wait to return! Welcome to the Ditmars neighborhood, Astoria Bier and Cheese!

Astoria Bier and Cheese, 35-11 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria, NY 11105

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