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Mar 27, 2014

2014 Best of Astoria – The Winners

We Heart Astoria announces the 2014 Best of Astoria winners – best restaurant, best bar, best cafe, best boutique, best new arrival of 2013

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We’re so excited the time  has come to announce the 2014 Best of Astoria winners!  Enjoying the last couple of weeks of nominations and all your spirited voting, Astoria, it’s our pleasure to announce the best of the best of Astoria, as chosen by you.  A big congratulations goes out to all the nominees for being totally awesome, and even though there can only be a few winners, we feel fortunate to recognize all of the amazing nominated businesses.  Hats off to everyone for their hard work and dedication – we look forward to visiting and patronizing you all this year and onward.

Favorite Astoria Restaurant:  Il Bambino

Runner up: Queens Comfort
Honorable Mentions: Vesta, Snowdonia, Pink Nori

Favorite Greek Restaurant: Taverna Kyclades

Runner up: Ovelia
Honorable Mentions: MP Taverna, Agnanti, Zenon Taverna

Favorite Mexican Restaurant: Pachanga Patterson

Runner up: Mojave
Honorable Mentions: MexiBBQ, De Mole, El Mariachi

Favorite Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly Restaurant: BareBurger

Runner up: The Queens Kickshaw
Honorable Mentions: Seva, Mezze Place, Namaste

Favorite Brunch: Sanford’s

Runner up: Il Bambino
Honorable Mentions: Snowdonia, Queens Comfort, MexiBBQ

Favorite Outdoor Dining: Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden

Runner up: Il Bambino
Honorable Mentions: Mojave, Ovelia, Pachanga Patterson

Favorite Bar: Sweet Afton

Runner up: The Sparrow
Honorable Mentions: Rest-au-Rant, Rocky McBride’s, Snowdonia

Favorite Beer Store: Astoria Bier & Cheese

Runner up: Triboro
Honorable Mentions: SingleCut, Euromarket, Bravo

Favorite Wine Shop: Grand Liquors

Runner up: Astoria Wine & Spirits
Honorable Mentions: Astoria Park Wine & Spirits, Wine Stop, Off the Vine

Favorite Coffee Shop/Cafe: Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company

Runner up: The Queens Kickshaw
Honorable Mentions: NYC Bagel & Coffee House, Avenue Cafe, Bakeway

Favorite Natural Foods Store: Fresh Start

Runner up: Broadway Natural
Honorable Mentions: Greenbay, Sai Organics, Vitality

Favorite Bakery: Martha’s Country Bakery

Runner up: Parisi Bakery

Honorable Mentions: La Guli, Leli’s, Rose & Joe’s

Favorite Bagel Shop: Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company

Runner up: NYC Bagel & Coffee House
Honorable Mentions: Astoria Bagels, Lots-o-Bagels, Bagels & Brew

Favorite Burger Joint: BareBurger

Runner up: Sweet Afton
Honorable Mentions: Petey’s Burger, Sparrow, Burger Club

Favorite Sushi Bar: Watawa

Runner up: JJ’s
Honorable Mentions: Pink Nori, Junko, Linn

Favorite BBQ: The Strand

Runner up: Butcher Bar
Honorable Mentions: John Brown Smokehouse, MexiBBQ, Ovelia

Favorite Pizzeria: Rizzo’s Pizza

Runner up: Antika Pizza
Honorable Mentions: Sac’s, Milkflower, Basil Brick Oven Pizza

Favorite Street Food Vendor: Wafels & Dinges

Runner up: El Rey Del Taco
Honorable Mentions: Falafel King, Mexico Blvd, Souvlaki Lady

Favorite Boutique: Lockwood

Runner up: Buffalo Exchange
Honorable Mentions: Inside Astoria, Loveday 31, Hanger 99

Favorite Place to See Art: Museum of Moving Image

Runner up: Socrates Sculpture Park
Honorable Mentions: Noguchi Museum, MOMA PS1, Astoria Park Wine & Spirits

Favorite Place to Hear Music: The Strand

Runner up: The Queens Kickshaw
Honorable Mentions: Rest-au-Rant, Shillelagh Tavern, SingleCut Beersmiths

Favorite Yoga Studio: Yoga Agora

Runner up: Bikram Yoga Astoria
Honorable Mentions: Giving Tree Yoga Studio, Yoga Room, Life Health & Fitness

Favorite Gym: Simply Fit

Runner up: New York Sports Clubs
Honorable Mentions: Blink Fitness, Club Fitness, Life Health & Fitness

Favorite Hair Salon/Stylist: SPAce

Runner up: GIGI
Honorable Mentions: Friends Hair Design, Redken Saloon Salon, Studio 31

Favorite New Arrival of 2013: Mar’s Oyster Bar

Runner up: Astoria Bookshop
Honorable Mentions: Snowdonia, Milkflower, CityMD



Michael Angelo’s has had a sign out for about a week now saying that they were voted #1 pizza in Astoria by We Heart Astoria. rather lame on their part


Was rooting for Astoria Books as best newcomer. Perhaps next year two categories – best newcomer: food and best newcomer: nonfood?

The party was amazing. Thanks to all who helped organize!


Thanks for the suggestion – it’s a good one! Also thought maybe including “Favorite Old Timer,” too. And definitely “Favorite Thai.”


As a wise dude once said – that’s just, like, your opinion, man.
These listings are 2014 popular opinions. Maybe more maybe less informed than yours. Favorite does not have to mean better. Did someone say Wafels? Where are they? And yes, probably need to give de Mole another try soon. Thanks for sharing their praises. Rock on Astoria.


First of all, De Mole is the finest and most authentic Mexican restaurant and is almost never mentioned. Not sure how you can call MexiBBQ and Pachanga Patterson better Mexican food than that. Second, Wafels and Dinges is better than El Rey del Taco? Really? Plus, Wafels and Dinges is an offshoot of a Manhattan business. It is not local.


I agree with both previous posts! Also what about Frankie’s Souvlaki on 31st and Steinway? Not even an honorable mention. Try to walk by and not get a stick to go.

Geo Rivers

Wow..Il Bambino as favorite restaurant, are you kidding me??!! I like the place but its a sandwich shop or a glorified delicatessen.If this is all true and the voting was legit then it seems people do not know how to have a real meal in a RESTAURANT anymore.


Yeah, King of Falafel got robbed! That being said, we are lucky to have so many great nominees (and more awesome places that weren’t even among the finalists).


I don’t quite get how Wafels & Dinges got nominated. Sure, they have a truck here, but they’re all over the city and are based in Manhattan. All the others are local.


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