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Feb 24, 2014

We Heart Cream Cheese: Flavor Contest

Lovers of bagels, cream cheese, and Astoria unite! Brooklyn Bagel and We Heart Astoria are teaming up to develop a cream cheese flavor that is both delicious and represents Astoria (…)

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Lovers of bagels, cream cheese, and Astoria unite! Brooklyn Bagel and We Heart Astoria are teaming up to develop a cream cheese flavor that is both delicious and represents Astoria properly on a toasted bagel.  We look to you, our readers to help us with this flavorstorm (a brainstorm all about flavors)!We Heart Astoria HEARTShould our cream cheese flavor be sweet or savory? Meaty or veggie? Crazy or simple? You tell us! Be creative and have fun, there’s no right or wrong answer. So what’s in it for you?  Is the joy of seeing your flavor idea glorified in cream cheese not enough? Okay, how about a Grand Prize gift card to Brooklyn Bagel as well as great prizes for our runners up. Comment below with your best flavor idea and why it represents Astoria. Take to social media and use #WHAflavor to continue to impress us all with your flavor genius, don’t forget to “tag” @weheartastoria and @bkbagel.

Brooklyn Bagel_Cream Cheese selections
After our flavorstorm comes to a close, the cream cheese magicians at Brooklyn Bagel and the WHA team will select the top three flavors that best represent Astoria. We’ll then turn  it over to you for a final vote. Expect to hear all about our flavor unveiling in the next couple of weeks. Let the contest begin!

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Greek coffee flavor! It naturally mixes Greek culture and brunch and sidewalk cafés and bagels, etc.

Steph N

I vote for Baklava to represent Astoria’s thriving Greek community. But I also believe a chocolaty stout will pay homage to the many beer gardens Astoria is famous for! And really, who doesn’t love chocolate AND beer?

Julie Congo

Feta & kalamata olive cream cheese. Greek origins. Plus everybody likes feta. BOOM.


Something Mediterranean – being Greek, Italian, and Mediterranean all over. An olive tapenade cream cheese with a sharp nutty cheese. This is heavily influenced by my current snack of Euromarket olives and a sharp nutty cheese from Cato Corner Farm but is truly fitting for Astoria!


Can we submit more than one? I’ve ben thinking nonstop about this cream cheese and brushing up on Astoria’s history, which has given me a couple ideas!

1. Astoria was originally settled by the Dutch and Germans in the 17th century. What’s more awesome AND German than Speculoos??? Pepper, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves, Cardamom, and Nutmeg combine to make the most delicious cookies EVER. Speculoos Cream Cheese would be delicious and so very Astoria!

2. Heinrich Steinweg, patriarch of the Steinway family was one of those German settlers to arrive in Astoria back in the 17th century. This got me thinking about a piano themed, i.e. black and white, i.e. marble, cream cheese. White Chocolate with Fudge Ribbons! It could even be presented with a few ribbons of fudge laid across the top to mimic the look of a piano!


Spice of Life cream cheese! It would embody all the spices different communities bring to Astoria including Oregano for Greek and Italian influences, Sumac or Harissa for the Middle Eastern and Egyptian influences, a smoky paprika for the Balkan community. I would also throw in a few other mystery spices to include the many other communities that we can’t list on a short cream cheese description but without which Astoria wouldn’t be half as wonderful as it is!


Maple Bacon Pretzel. Sounds amazing, right? Sweet and savory with a little grit – just like Astoria.

Allison Vella

I’ve always boasted that one of the greatest things about Astoria is that is it such a melting pot with it’s Mediterranean and Middle Eastern crowds. Gathering from the plethora and forming one “Melting Pot” Flavored Cream Cheese is the only way to go about it, in my opinion. After looking into common and frequent ingredients, I’d suggest a Grilled Octopus/Olive Oil/Pomegranate/Sumac Mixture. Something along those lines anyways.

…or Baklava Cream Cheese. That sounded so good!

Courtney Kern

Name: Astoria Special-The Greek Spreadable
Garlic, Feta, Dill Cream Cheese (would be perfect on a onion, everything, garlic, sesame, wheat, salt, sourdough, plain etc- and of course the gluten free everything!!)

Names: Classic Frappe, Frothy Frappe, Astoria’s Original Frappe, Wake up Astoria
This could be slightly sweet: Traditional Frappe ingredients, Pinch of sugar, cream cheese- creamy fluffy dessert spread. Good for the plain, wheat, cinnamon raisin, sourdough, maybe the blueberry, def good on a gluten free plain bagel!


I am also a fan of incorporating beer! How about a cheddar/ale cream cheese flavor?

Matt Archambault

@Julianne – totally LOVE the brunch idea. This is definitely a brunch-happy neighborhood!


Beer-candied bacon, apple, and goat cheese.

Why? Because Astoria is a mix of the best of everything. We’re the sweetest and freshest part of NYC, so apple to represent the crisp, fun, fresh Big Apple. We have the best brunches and the best beer, hence the beer-candied bacon (made, of course, with Singlecut beer). And we have the best fine dining for the best prices -hence the slightly sweet, slightly sour, definitely decadent goat cheese. Plus, it will be perfect on a bagel with it’s sweet, salty, tangy flavor and definitely represent the creativity and uniqueness of our amazing neighborhood.


That sounds really delicious. And of course, It’s hard to be more Astoria than Single-cut beer!

Amy E.

Baklava cream cheese for the sweet tooth or feta & kalamata olive cream cheese for the salty tooth.

April Rose

Grilled pineapple ginger. Ginger is used all over the world and would be appreciated
by the diverse population in Astoria. The health benefits of fresh
pineapple and ginger would not be lost on the increasingly
health conscious demographic here while keeping true to the healthy
options that Brooklyn Bagel offers its guests. Pineapple is refreshing for summer. Yum

#bagel #weheartastoria

Matt Archambault

@Gina – I love the beer idea – west queens is increasingly being looked to as one of the more craft beer oriented neighborhoods. In that regard, I’d love to find a good local beer. I like the stout direction you thought of. Maybe Eric Chocolate Milk Stout by Singlecut?

I’m not sure that the Greek contingent is what really makes Astoria great in the 2010’s. If we’re looking at nationality & diversity, I guess I like that there’s a healthy mix of communities all co-existing. Not sure how to put that together into a flavor. And you’d have to include a lot of flavors in order to not be too exclusive. Maybe just take a couple ingredients that really contrast but work together. Pickles & honey?

Gina C.

Yes! That would be deeeelicious. Chocolate milk stout with chocolate chips. I’m salivating already…

Gina C.

Astoria has become known for its sense of community and camaraderie. What better way to show that than to celebrate with beer and delicious baked goods?! We are, after all, home to the oldest (and greatest) beer garden in NYC. How about we try a Guinness chocolate chip cream cheese?!

Cara Bernstein

Neopolitan: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry because it is a mixture of different things as astoria is.


Since Astoria is heavily influenced by Italians and Greeks, I would do a play on the 4-cheese idea – cream cheese with mozzarella, riccotta, feta, and halloumi. Maybe throw some basil in there? I’m pretty sure this would rock my socks.

Stephen Prevost

Spanakopita Cream Cheese. A classic greek dish for a neighborhood with a rich greek history. The cream cheese would include spinach, feta, scallions, and parsley. I’m sure many of the suggestions will have a greek influence, but what better way to represent the neighborhood? Plus, if the spinach tofu is already on of the best cream cheeses BK bagel offers, just imagine how incredibly great decked out spinach pie offering would be!

Dasha falchiere

I think a flavor that would represent Astoria would be international. I would think do to the original Greek influence on the neighborhood your could do a tzaziki flavored cream cheese. It would have cucumbers and onion mixed with the cream cheese.

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