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Feb 20, 2014

Getting Personal with Liza Fiorentinos of luludi living frames

When I joined the We Heart Astoria team last November, my first order of business was to head over to check out luludi living frames. What I found was a (…)

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When I joined the We Heart Astoria team last November, my first order of business was to head over to check out luludi living frames. What I found was a space full of energy and life. After meeting owner Liza Fiorentinos, it was easy to understand why her space reflected those qualities. I had a chance to sit down with Liza and discuss all things inspiration, terrariums and community. (luludi living frames, 23-07 24th Ave, Astoria)

1.  Where did the inspiration for luludi living frames come from?

Liza Fiorentinos- I lived and worked in Paris for 15 years and was inspired by the living walls they had in many public places. When I moved back to NYC 3 years ago, I wanted to help people incorporate more live plants in their life, we spend way too many hours indoors under fluorescent lighting- its exhausting! Plants can boost your mood, help you sleep better and provide an ‘ahhhhh’ moment when you look at them. It’s a mini break in the day. The trend currently is living art for home, office and events, and it’s nice to be part of a movement to bring more green into peoples spaces! We recently started teaching terrarium classes at the store and at West Elm (in Brooklyn and Manhattan) so one can create their own living world with their signature.

2. Why do terrariums make great gifts?

LF- It’s a thoughtful gift, first and foremost. Our line of terrariums include aromatherapy, zodiacs, zen crystals for healing, and design pieces that have been featured in magazines and other publications.  Recently we launched these fabulous desktop zen gardens AND terrarium jewelry (pictured below) that have been flying off the shelves. We can also custom design terrariums for the most part, at no extra cost, which makes the gift so much more personal.

luludi living frames_terrarium jewelry

3. What if you are too busy to take care of plants, but still would love a little green in your home?

LF- We are all so busy, especially in NYC, so the plants that luludi offers are primarily low maintenance. Either succulents that need water every 3-4 weeks or air plants that would like a mist once per week and a dunk in a bowl of water once a month.

4. Tell us about your artisan community corner, how can people get involved with that?

LF- When I first launched luludi, I wished for a small space in a store to showcase our living art at no cost..which was impossible. When the store opened I wanted to help other start ups and artists as best I could, so we created an artisan corner where our artisan partners can display their goods. Right now we are featuring hand-crafted jewelry, candles, paintings, mosaic belt buckles, olive oil from a personal estate, and hand-painted note cards. We don’t charge and all they have to provide us with is a small bio so we can promote them. It’s very exciting, and I look forward to more and more artists displaying their pieces! Any artisan who is interested should reach out to us to participate.

luludi_puppies and purses

5. Finally, what do you heart about Astoria?

LF- Having lived all over the world, I find Astoria has that perfect blend of a chic but neighborhoody feel. Having the beautiful Astoria Park right on the river gives you the best of all worlds! I confess that the amazing choice of delicious restaurants available in Astoria is totally seductive. You could eat out 7 days a week (which I don’t) and not ever get bored. Many of my friends come from the city to break bread at an Astoria restaurant, so the stigma that existed years ago about going to a ‘borough’ has disappeared.

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